When people come to your website, chances are they found it on a search engine results page. This is why SEO (search engine optimization) needs to be a major priority in the marketing efforts of your financial company, because by not learning about SEO, your competitors will always outrank you on search engines.

Fortunately, by learning SEO, you’ll be able to drive much more traffic to your financial website and see an increase in overall revenue. Here are four proven SEO marketing strategies that will work for any financial company:

1. Spend A Lot Of Time On Keyword Research

While this should go without saying, keyword research is the backbone of any SEO campaign. For your website to rank highly on search engines and organically attract traffic, your content needs to be rich in popular keywords and phrases that thousands if not millions of people are typing into search engines each day. That’s a huge market potential that you can’t afford to let slip by.

2. Find Out What Your Competitors Are Up To

You’ll always have an advantage if you know what your competitors are up to, right? While you may think the problem here is that there’s no way of truly finding out what SEO strategies your competitors are using in the present moment, the truth is there is a way.

What you can do is use an online service that will analyze SEO on any website you submit the link to. If you submit the link to your website, you’ll be able to see where your SEO campaign is strong and weak, as well as what specific keywords people are using to find your website. At the same time, if you submit the link to the website of a competitor, you’ll be able to see the exact same information for them as well.

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3. Optimize Your Website For Mobile Devices

Fewer people these days are surfing the web on their laptop or desktop computers at home. Instead, people are much more likely to search the internet on their smart phones while standing in line for coffee in the morning or while taking a lunch break at work.

Simply optimizing your website for mobile alone will allow your website to rank higher on search engines, and just as importantly, it will create a satisfying experience for the individual visitor so they’ll come back in the future.

4. Leverage Social Media

Your SEO and social media marketing campaigns need to be run parallel with one another because they each benefit the other: when people find you on social media, you’ll drive more people to your website, and by posting links to social media on your website, you’ll also drive more users to your pages when they find you on search engines.

The keys to running a successful social media campaign are to post daily, optimize your descriptions with SEO keywords, include clear and attractive pictures in your posts, hold monthly contests with special prizes, engage with users in the comments, and reach out to more users in relevant groups.

Ensure Your Success

Any financial company is capable of running a successful SEO campaign, including yours, but only by using these tips effectively. While you shouldn’t expect the results you’ve dreamed of to occur overnight, by applying these tips over time your website will begin to rank higher and attract more visitors gradually.

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