To survive college, you need to learn how to save money. If your freshman year was tough because you spent money on things you didn’t need, you need a strategy for the remaining time you have in college. Understand what you can and cannot afford and live within your means.

This also means surrounding yourself with friends who will not tempt you with their expensive lifestyle. Saving is easier when you’re doing it with friends who understand why it’s necessary. When seeking online help, work with affordable dissertation editing services.

Saving money ensures that you have a way of surviving on rainy days. Learn how to budget so you can track where your money is going. Ensure you always have your school ID so you can take advantage of student discounts.

1. Seek Affordable Essay Writing Services

Each time you need essay writing help, seek affordable services. This should not be hard because there are many writing companies to choose from. In your quest for affordable services, don’t compromise the quality of your services. If a company’s services seem too good to be true, that’s probably the case. Go for reasonable prices because the experts who work on your essays can’t possibly be working for free.

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2. Prioritize your Basic Needs

You can’t possibly survive the semester without food, but you can easily do without attending that concert all your friends are going to. Prioritizing your basic needs ensure that you spend money on what matters first. Only indulge in luxuries once you’ve taken care of everything you need.

3. Leave your Car at Home

The biggest mistake you can make as a college student is owning a car. Universities have sufficient and dependable public transport systems you can bank on. You can’t begin to imagine how much you’ll end up spending in terms of vehicle repair and maintenance. Friends are always going to use you for a ride, and they’ll hardly contribute to fueling it.

4. Don’t Purchase Expensive Textbooks

Whether you use a brand new textbook or a second-and one, you get access to the same information. Avoid purchasing expensive books and find places where you can get second-hand textbooks at a fraction of the price.

5. Always Carry your School ID Everywhere

You never know where you’ll get student discounts. Carry your school ID everywhere and save a few bucks.

6. Avoid Fast Foods

There’s nothing that wastes a student’s money like eating at fast food joints. Instead of eating food with so many calories, buy groceries, and cook your own food. It’s cheaper and healthier. Carry healthy stacks wherever you go as well, so you don’t get tempted to buy junk food.

7. Avoid Spontaneous Shopping

Shopping without a budget is an excellent way of burning a hole through your wallet. Each time you have more money than usual, budget and buy what you need so you don’t waste it on a bunch of things you don’t actually need. Also, avoid walking with money because this is how you end up on an unplanned shopping trip.

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8. Use the Institutions Facilities

Why would you pay for a gym membership when you can use the college’s gym for free?

9. Share Expenses

This begins with finding a roommate who understands the importance of saving money.

10. Choose your Phone Package Wisely

You know how much you use your phone to communicate, choose a package that saves you money.

11. Apply for Scholarships

Imagine how much you’d be saving if you’re tuition fees were taken care of?

12. Pay your Bills on Time

There is nothing as frustrating as having to pay a fine because your payment delayed.

13. Don’t go Grocery Shopping when you’re Hungry

Isn’t this self-explanatory? Everyone feels like they can eat everything in a store when they’re hungry.

14. Cut out Vices

Smoking and drinking alcohol is not cheap, or is it?

15. Avoid Taking Loans

The convenience you think you earn yourself with credit card loans is not worth the interest you have to pay.


There you have it, 15 tricks that help you save money in college.