Buying health products online for a reasonable price compared to pharmacies and retail stores is easier than ever. Online medical supply companies can offer lower prices than competitors because they have minimal transaction costs, lower costs, and no production expenses. Online sellers have partnerships with many medical supply manufacturers, which allows them to offer health supplies at wholesale rates. Here are 4 ways you can save money on these health supplies.

1. Compare Cash-Based and Insured Prices

Depending on the insurance provider and the type of coverage you have, it can cost less to buy directly without using the plan. Online retailers can often beat the cash costs, making it a great choice for those who use supplements and prescription medications on a routine basis. Ask local pharmacies and retailers for a pricing list that estimates out-of-pocket costs for insurance and direct-to-consumer prices. Compare these figures with prices for reputable online resources to find the best deals.

2. Sign Up for Subscriptions

Should you find a well-reputed and reliable seller of health and wellness supplies online, some will of discounts if you subscribe to them. Typically, these are cost-free, and all you’ll get in your email are some blog posts, specials, and notifications about renewing or when to expect refills of your current prescriptions.

It’s not uncommon for online purveyors to offer freebies for first-time subscribers. What they offer you is generally something you can use related to your chronic condition or healthcare goals. For example, someone ordering glucose testing strips may receive a free glucose meter that saves customers even more money.

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3. Plan and Time Your Orders

Keeping up with a list of health and wellness supplies you need allows for easy ordering because you’ll know what you should order. If you have daily medical products you use that are prescriptions, you can set up routine refills with your online provider. However, for infrequent or one-time medications to treat injuries, infections, or illnesses you might need to order them yourself. Many companies offer free shipping on certain shipments at a particular price range, making ordering everything at you need at one time a good financial decision.

4. Verify the Provider’s Licensing and Accreditation Status

Anytime you are doing business for routine supplements and especially prescription drugs, you’ll need to know that they hold the proper credentials, follow regular compliance regulations, and stay in line with the industry’s legal framework. Do some research by contacting regulatory bodies and checking the validity of licenses and that their products meet appropriate standards for safety and quality. The Healthcare Quality Association on Accreditation (HQAA) is a good start. Getting familiar with specific regulations and standards that dictate the procurement, distribution, and sale of medical supplies is a key component of evaluating whether the online storefront is compliant and legal.

You can save a bit of time and money by having your supplements and medications directly mailed to your door. However, shop smart, sign up for company perks, and only order from one whose credentials you can confirm.