There are many different types of static caravan insurance available. It is important to understand what they are and how they differ from one another so that you can make an informed decision when choosing the right cover for your needs.

Listed below are the main types of static caravan insurance:

Flood and wind damage cover – This is the most basic level of cover available, but it is still very important. The policy will protect your caravan against accidental damage or loss caused by flooding or high winds.

Accidental damage cover – This is also a very basic type of policy, but it extends beyond flood and wind damage to include other types of accidental damage such as broken windows and damaged plumbing.

Husbandry cover – Husbandry means looking after the property, including cleaning, maintenance and repairs. A husbandry policy will protect against any damages that occur as part of these activities (e.g., if you accidentally drop a hammer on the caravan and cause some damage).

Basic Cover

This is the most basic level of cover. It will pay out if your static caravan is damaged, stolen or vandalised by an intruder. If you have any special additions like awnings, they’ll be covered too.

Personal Possessions Cover

The personal possessions cover will pay out if anything happens to your belongings while they’re inside your static caravan. For example, if someone breaks into your van and steals your laptop computer, this policy would pay out for its replacement cost up to a certain limit set by the insurer. If you had more expensive items like jewellery or fine art, these could be included in this policy as well but there would be limits on how much they could claim for each item. This type of policy may also include cover for damage caused by fire or flood but only up to certain limits – it depends on what type of cover you choose when applying for your policy.

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Standard caravan insurance

This is the most popular type of cover, covering your caravan against any damage or theft. It offers good value for money and you can usually buy it for one year at a time. You can also extend your policy by paying an additional premium if you need extra protection for your caravan.

Caravan insurance with contents cover

A lot of people choose this type of cover because they want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their belongings will be protected in case anything happens to them while they are away from home. This type of cover is particularly useful if you’re planning to take expensive items on holiday with you as it will help protect them against loss or theft. However, bear in mind that it only covers loss or damage caused by natural disasters such as flooding and earthquakes – so if you want to make sure everything is covered no matter what happens, opt for standard caravan insurance instead.