As we come to the end of 2015, you may be taking a good hard look at your everyday life and figuring out what you want to change. And one of those things may just be your car. If you’re hoping to upgrade your life in 2016 and get a new car but you’re not quite sure if it’s the right move, here are some reasons why you should:

Think about the environment

There are already far too many old cars on the road, releasing toxic emissions into the air. Climate change is real, and while there are limitations to what we can do as individuals, we can all take steps to ensure that we do our best. That means getting rid of that old car and replacing it with something new and environmentally friendly.


Save yourself some stress

If your car is constantly breaking down, it’s time to think about how this is affecting your day-to-day life. If there’s a voice in your head that consistently says “I hope the car starts today” or you’re frequently finding yourself late to work or other commitments due to an unreliable car, think about how much easier life would be with a car you can trust, and how you could use that mental energy every day.

Its breaking the bank

While many people choose not to replace their car because of the expense, a good way to work out if this is reasonable is to spend a month writing down all the money you spend on the car. This includes gas and any repairs. Older cars often chew through gas far more than newer cars, and if it constantly needs to be repaired you could find yourself spending hundreds or thousands of dollars. It’s often harder to find parts for older cars, meaning it takes longer to repair and costs far more each time than it would if the car was newer.

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Once you’ve spent a month writing down every cent you’ve spent on the car, think about what you could have spent that money on instead.


Its Unsafe

If you’re crossing your fingers every time your car needs to be inspected, deep down you probably know that it’s not that safe. If you often drive your kids around, think about whether you trust your car to keep them safe in an accident compared to newer cars on the market.

You have bad credit

“Hold on”, I can hear you thinking “If I have bad credit, doesn’t that mean I cant get a new car?” Wrong. You can get car finance for bad credit, so even if you’ve made a few mistakes in your life and you’re waiting for your credit rating to recover you can replace your car and invest in your future. No longer does a bad credit rating define what you can do with your life and whether you can afford to replace that terrible old car, so look into car finance today.