If you’re searching for a special gift for someone who’s a little older in your life, it might be hard to think of what they really want or need. Often our parents or grandparents just want us to enjoy our lives and hesitate to ask anything of us, which makes it even harder to know what they might love. So if you’re on the hunt for a special gift for the senior in your life, read on to get inspired!

1. A Special Day Together
Honestly, for most of your older family members the “gift” they want more than anything is some quality time together. It doesn’t have to be something big, you can take them out for a coffee or lunch, but getting creative about what you do together can really mean a lot to them. The first place to look is whether they have any special hobbies – maybe your grandma loves classical music, or your dad fancies himself a bit of a car buff, maybe it would be nice finding your grandma some tickets to a classical music performance and finding a car show to see with your dad. The main thing is spending time together, but if you can do something that you know will be special to them, all the better!

2. Some Pampering

Getting older is hard – your body doesn’t quite work as it used to, you don’t have the strength or energy you did in your youth and sometimes you don’t have the same income you used to have as well. This results in a combination of just ignoring little niggles in the body that can add up to be quite painful overtime. I personally love scheduling in regular massages once a month and always feel so pampered afterwards. Men and women both benefit from massages, not only does it help with aching muscles but it can help you relax in a way that’s unlike anything else! Maybe a pedicure is more up your grandma’s alley, if so check out the best foot care for seniors here.

3. Some Technology

Chances are your parents or grandparents aren’t as interested in technology as you are. But there are really so many benefits to using a smart phone and being connected to the world. For my dad’s recent birthday I got him an iPad which is something he probably wouldn’t have bought for himself part in due to the cost, but also because he didn’t really see the need, but he loves it. It’s a bit bigger than a normal smart phone so he can adjust the text so he can read it properly. He uses it to browse the Internet, make Skype calls with his loved ones overseas and also to take photos much to my dismay. This can be a really special gift to give the older people in your life as it allows them to feel connected and to enjoy all the benefits of the Internet. If you’re interested in learning more about technology, click here.

Remember it’s really the thought that counts, your parents or grandparents will probably be as thrilled with a loving phone call as they would be an expensive gift!

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