Moving is expensive, not just financially but it tends to come with a pretty big emotional cost too. If you’re planning to uproot your life, then you’re going to make sure that you are going to be happy for a very long time. I’ve moved overseas a few times, as well as domestically within the same country and I’ve learned a lot from my experiences. Here are my top 4 tips for moving somewhere you’ll love and be happy to call home.

1. Think About Your Lifestyle
What kind of hobbies do you do regularly? How do you feel about different climates? What do you want to be able to do on your weekends. Obviously it’s important to take your career into consideration when you’re moving, but lifestyle is also equally important too. If you move somewhere that doesn’t suit your lifestyle or feels like a downgrade compared to your previous lifestyle, chances are you will struggle to feel at home. I suggest visiting the place you’re considering moving a few times across the year if you can so you can see how the city functions in the warmer and cooler months. Everyone will have different priorities depending on their lifestyles, but for me personally it was important to find somewhere that was pet friendly as we have two large dogs and somewhere that was warm all year around as I do not enjoy the cold! Click here for some inspiration as to somewhere that might be your new version of paradise.

2. Be Realistic
No where is perfect, unfortunately, so it’s all about finding somewhere that ticks most of your boxes and feels good enough. You’re probably going to have to compromise on some of your preferences, maybe you want somewhere that’s cheap and by the beach – usually that does not happen! I think having realistic expectations of your move and the new place you’re headed is a sure fire way to set yourself up with success for the big move. Check out this interesting piece on moving and telematics to learn more.

3. Consider the People
I think the type of people really make or break a place. Maybe you’re a very warm social person who needs a huge social life to feel content. Perhaps you’re a little more reserved and tend to favour less friends and smaller, intimate groups. Whatever it is, be sure to pay close attention to what kind of people live in the place you are considering. I suggest looking at websites like to see what fun social events are in your area to help you get started socially.

4. Be Open to Somewhere Different
Maybe you had somewhere in mind you were sure you would love, but when you arrived it wasn’t quite what you expected. That happened to me when I went to Panama City, while it was a cool city and super friendly, I just felt like there was something missing I couldn’t put my finger on. I think it’s important to be flexible in the planning stage so you can be open to something that might suit you and your family better.

Moving is a huge lifestyle change, so you want it to go as smoothly as possible. Use these tips to ensure your move goes as well as possible right from the beginning.

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