Limescale is a problem for many Brits. In fact, This Is Money states that 60 per cent of people in the UK live in a hard water area — a common cause of limescale. It usually builds up around shower heads, taps and inside kitchen appliances like kettles.

You can’t afford to ignore the effects of limescale around your home. Here’s why:

Defining limescale

Before we discuss why limescale is a problem, it is a good idea to understand just what it is.

Limescale is the milky-white deposit that you see around your home. Mainly made up of calcium carbonate, limescale forms after calcium and other minerals dissolve into water through chalk and rock that it passes in the ground — this creates hard water.

Where to spot limescale around the home

Look out for limescale in places like:

  • Your shower head
  • The glass doors of your shower
  • Inside kettles
  • Inside irons

Limescale can also work its way into washing machines and dishwashers. Although more difficult to spot, a build-up of the substance in these appliances can cause them to run a lot less efficiently.

Why limescale is such a big problem

Research reported by the Save Water Save Money blog acknowledges that it can take just two years for 6mm of limescale to build up around heat exchanges and pipework in a part of the UK defined as a moderately hard water area.

This amount of limescale can reduce how energy efficient your home is by around 40 per cent. On top of this, appliances containing limescale will use more water and work harder overall in order to function to its optimal standard.

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Combimate — a top way to eliminate limescale

There are a number of systems available to eliminate limescale. This includes inhibitors which are magnetic, electronic and electrolytic in design, for example.

However, Combimate is a limescale inhibitor with a difference; it protects pipes, boilers and household appliances by ensuring that water comes into contact with crystal spheres called Combiphos. These food-grade polyphosphate compounds are designed to stop water from causing limescale and corrosion, as well as being completely harmless.

Whichever limescale inhibitor systems you choose, remember a short-term investment will help you make long-term savings in your home.