For many diehard gamblers bingo is a bit of a naughty word, especially if they have grown up with the more conventional world of casino gambling, where classic games like roulette, poker and slots reign supreme. In fact, for many traditional casino gamblers playing bingo isn’t even an option, although that is all starting to change in recent years, something that is largely down to the rise of online bingo more than anything else – claim 500 free spins now.

You see, before the online bingo world existed the only way for people to play the game was to go to bingo halls, and these places are often associated with the older generation, which ended up putting a lot of people off. Nowadays, however, all you have to do is log in to an online bingo site to start playing bingo, it’s so much easier! And guess what? You can even play for free. Keep reading for a bit about how to play free bingo at an online casino… 

How to play bingo: The basics 

Just because bingo still isn’t the most widely played gambling game amongst online casino enthusiasts, we thought we would gather a bit of information in regard to the basics when it comes to playing bingo. Part of bingo’s appeal is its inherent simplicity, and the action in a conventional game of bingo pretty much exclusively revolves around your scorecard. 

Players will purchase a number of scorecards before the game, and then they will have to look out for the bingo numbers being called, and hope that they can cross off some of the values on their card. Different varieties of bingo will have different eventual goals, but more often than not the first person to cross off all numbers, or a line of numbers, will win. 

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Ways to play free bingo at an online casino 

So, that’s the basic rules of bingo out of the way, and luckily it isn’t too much harder to play free bingo at an online casino either. Just remember, if you are playing free bingo the probability is that you won’t actually be able to win any real money, although it is possible. Here are some ways to play free bingo at an online casino: 

  •         Find a free bingo lobby: These days there are so many different places to play online bingo, and many of them will contain free lobbies for bingo players who just want to relax without worrying about spending any money. This is a great place to play free bingo if you are after some leisure time.

·         Check out bingo no deposit bonuses: For any online slot fans out there the concept of a no deposit bonus will be very clear, and luckily the same thing exists with online bingo too! If you can find a decent online bingo no deposit bonus you could end up playing online bingo for free for at least a few sessions – worth the research!