If you have a home with some backyard space, the chances are you’d like to utilize it as an extension of your interior living space Small updates to your backyard area can make a big difference in how easily you can use it for entertaining, leisure activities or just for relaxing. Here are a few ideas on how to revamp your backyard on a budget.


Re-design Your Landscaping

Take a good look at your backyard landscaping to see if it helps you to use your outdoor spaces or if it prevents you from enjoying it fully. Older landscaping may be overgrown, may require trimming, or may obscure pathways into the home. Trim trees, removing dead or broken limbs. Cut back shrubbery to give the yard a neater look. You might want to add an ornamental tree or a few plants in pots to make the yard look tidier and better defined.


Create An Outdoor Kitchen Area

Outdoor kitchens have become a growing trend for home entertaining. Homeowners can make the most of their outdoor spaces by equipping your backyard patio or deck with a good design plan and properly scaled equipment You may not have a great deal of space, but you can still create an efficient, attractive outdoor cooking and eating area. You can find a variety of styles and sizes of barbecue grills and other equipment to suit your space requirements.


Add A Water Element

A water element adds a note of beauty and serenity to a backyard space. You can easily purchase pumps to create your own style of fountain for your yard. Circulating pumps allow you to reuse the water continuously. Add a few water-loving plants and you have a beautiful, natural focal point for your outdoor area.

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Build Your Own Firepit

As the summer wanes and the evenings get cooler, you can warm your guests up with a backyard firepit for melting marshmallows and making s’mores. You can use a variety of fireproof materials for the base and shallow walls of the pit to keep the fire contained. You will have to determine the right location for your firepit, dig out a round or square pit about 7 inches deep and tamp down some gravel at the bottom of the pit. Position your firepit bowl and build the walls of the pit to several layers high. Construction adhesive is used to hold the materials together.


Shape A Walkway in Concrete

Concrete can be molded into a wide variety of shapes. It’s an inexpensive, durable, and versatile material for many outdoor uses. Create a few frames out of scrap wood and pour the mixed concrete into the molds. When the material has dried, remove the shapes from the frame and set out in interesting patterns to make walkways around your yard. Another interesting look is to surround your shaped concrete stones with lava rock, for an interesting mixed media look.


With a little imagination and some time, you can create an imaginative and welcoming backyard area that guests will love. Keep your eyes open for materials that can be fashioned or re-fashioned into backyard items to make your outdoor spaces more enjoyable.