When the coronavirus lockdown first began, no one imagined it would last this long. If staying indoors for the better part of a year is driving you nuts, you’re not alone. Isolating indoors for a long time can adversely affect your mental health. It can be hard to keep your morale up with a pandemic raging outside. It’s tempting to lie in bed, worrying about the state of the world. However, you have to make sure everything from your vitamin intake to your mental health is in good order.

Since it can take a long time before you can go back to regular life, it’s essential to get used to your new normal. Make the best of your situation by focusing on the small joys. Keep yourself healthy, and feed your mind to stay sane. Remember not to spend a long time in isolation. Use video chat or online platforms to keep in touch with friends and family. Here are a few easy ways to avoid going crazy during a lockdown.

Learn something new.


An excellent way to stay occupied during lockdown is to learn something new. The internet and books are an endless reservoir of information that you can absorb. You can learn about epidemiology, law, psychology, natural oils, and nutrients. If current events make you too anxious, consider reading ancient texts instead. You can find out about the cradle of civilization or learn about Ancient Mesopotamia.

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You can also read scripture, ancient writings, or exciting stories from ancient mythology. Do you want to read about ancient aliens or the secret library of Sumerian Cuneiform Tablets? An excellent way to start is to pick a book like the Anunnaki Bible. It’s the Sumerian Text’s Origin of the Judeo Christian Bibles.

It has a more scholarly approach to ancient texts. It informs you about the Book of Enoch, Epic of Gilgamesh, and the Old Testament. Learn about their record of the creation myths like The Eridu Genesis. You can learn about the Nephilim, which legends say were the offspring of the sons of God and daughters of men. The book has textual evidence about ancient writings from the Anunnaki and Sumerians. An excellent read can distract you from external stresses as you learn something new.

Join a community program.

A public health crisis is the best time for a community to come together. If you can’t go outdoors, start a social media group. You can have online meetings and connect members of the community to relief efforts. You can also offer incapacitated members some support.

If you are mobile, or in a low-risk group, consider helping seniors out. Pick up prescriptions or drop off groceries. Or, keep the elderly company with video chats. It’s hard for people who live alone during a lockdown, especially the elderly. From loneliness to an inability to take care of themselves — you can help ease some of their issues. Doing things for people in need will help you stay sane. And community connections can also help you stay happy during the lockdown.

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Grow a variety of different plants.

Of course, not everyone can have an outdoor garden. And, for some, growing different plants isn’t easy. However, with careful research, you can grow everything from tomatoes to strawberries with the best results. You can find that you’re able to even grow herbs and plants that can be beneficial to your health in other ways, for example, you might want to read into the benefits of Kava, as well as the uses of the roots, etc. and decide from there if it’s worth trying to grow some yourself.

If it’s your first time and you don’t want the mess of soil and manure, try hydroponics. The hydroponic system involves growing plants in a controlled environment. They use micronutrients, minerals, and nutrients in a water solvent instead of soil. The process gives plants the nutrients they need while helping activate the photosynthesis process. Hydroponic gardening is so popular that several companies offer easy starter kits.

You can get everything from a Hydroplex Bloom Maximizer to hydroponics lighting online. Visit a trusted retailer like Hydro Blossom for seed kits and hydroponic systems. You can also learn more about the advances in the world of farming.

Focus on fitness.

If you’re on lockdown in a city (like New York), you may miss daily workout sessions at crowded gyms. However, you can stay just as active at home. It’s crucial to stay healthy to avoid a mental health breakdown during isolation and lockdowns. Keep yourself busy, meditate, and take short walks. If you miss the atmosphere of a gym, listen to loud, upbeat music while you exercise indoors.

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If you’re lucky enough to have natural surroundings, don’t stay indoors all day long. A lockdown means you can’t visit public spaces. However, you can still get some sun in your backyard. If there’s a walking trail nearby, go on short walks or spend some time on your front lawn. In a smaller area or suburb, you can also jog around the block. Remember to social distance if you run into anyone!

Don’t let yourself go.


Fitness is essential, but don’t forget about your nutrition and mental health. Get enough nutrients and increase your intake of vitamins and supplements. Focus on eating right and on time. Keep your body nourished to avoid depression and anxiety from affecting you too much.

Since the lockdown is due to a public health crisis, you won’t be able to keep all external stresses at bay. So, ensure you care for your mental health. To keep your mind healthy, try some meditation. You can get restless indoors and have trouble sleeping as well. Use some essential oil to relax both mind and body. With a little careful research and a few changes, you should be able to stay sane amid the lockdown.