Buying gifts for the guys in your life can be tricky. Unlike many women, who are easy to buy for, many guys don’t leave hints about what they want as gifts for the holiday season, and it can be difficult to get the perfect gift to show exactly what these people mean to you.

Here are the best gifts for men this Christmas:

While many guys get a tie every year, there’s a reason why this gift is a staple and so popular for many of us. House of Fraser has some of the best options for ties and bow ties, so your guy can look perfect for every occasion.

Many people assume that a tie is a boring gift, but there are ways to ensure that your gift is slightly personalised. For guys with a vintage or retro look, check out some wool ties or look for unconventional fabrics or patterns.

Bow ties are coming back, so if you’re hoping to step up your gift-giving game, maybe choose a knitted tie, bow tie, silk tie, tie pin, or even a classic black tie- this is often a staple in any guy’s closet, and you may even want to grab a tie rack so he can keep all of his tie options organised. With Christmas around the corner, if you still haven’t managed to find the perfect gift, a tie is the best option for your dad, boyfriend, brother, or best friend.

A trip

Now that your guy has all the ties he needs to look sharp, surprise him even further with a trip away. Consider grabbing cheap flights to Las Vegas, or even somewhere where he can just lie on the beach during the day and get dressed up for dinner at night. For bonus points, have him unwrap his tie and then let him know it’s only the first part of his gift and he’ll need to guess where he’s going.

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smartwatch-828786_960_720 Gadgets

If the men in your life are tech-savvy, consider grabbing them some toys they can use every day. The latest iPhone was recently released, or consider a new watch, tablet, or you can even get new high end receivers on this website for guys who are looking for a top-notch home theater set up.


Many men would like to make more time for the gym, but they either lack motivation or the finances for a membership. Consider gifting that special someone with a gym membership this year, and you’ll be helping him meet his New Years resolutions as he sheds down or bulks up. Look for a gym that’s close to either his home or work, with nice changing rooms so he can easily go before work or on the way home from the office.

For bonus points, or if he hasn’t worked out in awhile, consider grabbing him a pack of personal training sessions so he can be sure he’s doing his strength training correctly and receive advice on the best exercises to get results.