Selling your house can be a bittersweet task. While you may be excited to move forward in life and into a new home, it can be sad to say goodbye to the walls and doors that housed you in the past.

When selling your home, you want to make sure that you do things the right way to ensure that the perfect people end up living in it next. Considering all the time and effort that went into your previous home, you deserve all of the credit for your hard work. Selling your home through a realtor may seem like the best route to take, but it doesn’t allow you to get all of the credit and rewards that you so clearly deserve.

Selling your home through a company such as homelister is just as easy as selling your home through a real estate agent. However, it ensures that you get the monetary rewards for selling your house the way you want to, such as preparing it for showings and making a quick exit when someone wants to tour the place.

All of the homelister reviews out there seem to be nothing but positive, glowing things. That’s what happens when you sell your home the right way. To talk about real estate, and more specifically, about selling your home, let’s break it down, so understanding all of the useful customer reviews is as simple, easy, and transparent as using homelister. Let’s start this journey together!

About How It Works

Many homelister reviews come in on Zillow, the American real estate virtual marketplace. Also on this virtual trend is homelister. All three of the easy steps you take to sell your house are done entirely virtually.

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Just because things are done virtual doesn’t mean things won’t be done properly. You’re still talking to real people in real-time, getting real advice and guidance when you list with homelister. This is one of the big reviews that people often give, leaving you reassured of the process.

Selling your home shouldn’t be stressful. Homelister makes the process of selling your home as easy as three simple steps: listing, showing and selling. Let’s break it down now…

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About Listing

One of the great things that people appreciate and make known in their reviews is that homelister only represents sellers. They believe that sellers pay the realtor commissions, the seller should determine how the home is sold. In other words, the seller calls the shots!

As a seller, listing your home is an easy and transparent process. Many people rave in their reviews about how easy the listing process is with homelister. Start by creating a free account and listing. Listing your house with homelister is always free; you only pay a fee when you sell!

When you create your listing, you’ll include things such as home details and the price. You can also include professional services that support your listing such as, videos, photos, Matterport 3D virtual tours, and signage for your front (or back or side) lawn.

From here, all you need to do is pick one of three flat fee pricing packages, and then homelister will do the rest, such as listing it on your local MLS and major real estate websites.

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About Showing

On to the next…showing your home! Homelister reviews have explained how helpful homelister is when it comes to showing your house. They provide you with tips on how to prepare and explain how to set up open houses and private showings. Individuals have even gone as far as to explain how homelister helps you get set up with a lockbox for agents to show your home and how easy virtual tours are through the Lives Tours app.

About Selling

Now for the bittersweet goodbye. Homelister reviews explain how you communicate and work with buyers directly as the seller, giving you full control over your side of the transaction. As the seller, you directly receive offers, send/receive counteroffers, and accept your dream offer from a buyer.

When you want professional help, homelister is there to help. Countless reviews glow about how responsive and helpful homelister is when it comes to giving advice or help regarding all sorts of things, such as paperwork, legal disclosures and much more.

As the seller, you schedule and perform the closing, giving you full control over when you and your spectacular buyer sign the documents to make things official, digitally, of course.

In Summary

Based on the user reviews from customers for homelister and statistics, the typical homelister homeowner saves on average $21,000. Think about everything you can do with that extra money. You could even put it towards your new home and making memories there.

The proof is in the pudding, or the proof is in the useful reviews from customers for homelister. Sell your house today, and start living out your dreams in your new home tomorrow.

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