Insurance is a subject everyone should be interested in. This is against the belief upheld by certain individuals who think it is only supposed to be a concern for businesses.

The truth is that everyone needs a certain degree of it considering how unforeseen circumstances can negatively change the course of things. In short, having an insurance plan offers a world of benefits. For more on this subject, you can read this article.

However, there are technicalities involved in getting the right plan and this is where the role of agents and brokers comes to play. In this article, we are going to discuss what hiring either of these Versicherung Beamte (Insurance Officials) connotes.

So, we strongly advise that you pay rapt attention as the information shared here will help you get the right plan.

What Is Insurance?

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This is a degree of financial and asset security that is guaranteed in the event that things go wrong. Frankly, the idea of defining insurance is very technical given that there are many plans available, with many still coming up.

For instance, there was no such thing as insurance against cyber theft in the early 1900s. This is because there was no concern for such at this time. However, this is one of the fastest-selling plans for insurers offering their services to (especially IT) businesses. The reason is that every company has sensitive data that is stored online. 

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The point is that various plans keep coming up to tackle the various levels of insecurity happening around us. As a matter of fact, we have had celebrities insure specific parts of their body like their nose. Many mindboggling things happen in the corporate world of insurance.

Who Is an Insurance Agent?

This is a salesperson that is charged with the responsibility of selling various plans offered by an insurer to clients. This professional is well vast in the many plans offered by the company and can explain them to you.

Additionally, the company’s agent can give professional advice as regards the best suitable plan for you by his company.

This corporate salesperson is also known as an insurance captive in some circles. The reason is that s/he is more accountable to the company than s/he is to you. The fact that the professional is actively on the payroll of the company s/he is representing explains this.

So, you do not have your best shot at getting professional advice from this person. However, that does not mean some people have not ended up with a worthy plan by dealing with these salespersons.

Who Is an Insurance Broker?

A broker is a professional that is contracted to various insurers but is not bound by them. So, rather than deal with one insurance company, the broker is licensed to sell covers offered by various companies.

This salesperson is not actively on the payroll of any insurance company. If you are wondering how an insurance broker earns, then you should know the answer is not farfetched. S/he earns by getting a commission when a deal is struck between the insurer and the client.

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Agents vs Brokers: Who Should You Deal with?

There is no need to mince words about this. Dealing with a broker is a lot better than taking financial and asset security decisions from an agent. The reasons for this stance include the following:

Who the Broker Is Accountable to

Ever heard the saying “he who pays the piper dictates the tune”?

The simple truth is that agents are more accountable to the company that hired them. So, they are still going to try long and hard to get you to buy a plan, even if it is not in your best interest.

On the contrary, brokers are not directly responsible to any company. As a matter of fact, they thrive on your recommendation and will do almost anything to get you the plan that is best suited for your needs, budget, and lifestyle. For this reason, we strongly advise that you deal with a broker.

A Broker has more Options Available

A broker is not a full-time employee of any insurer. He best fits the term contract staff. As a result, he is able to get in bed with many insurers.

This possibility allows the professional to understand a lot of things in the insurance market. So, while an agent can be one-sided in his advice and knowledge, s/he is vast in knowledge and has many options.

After critically analyzing your needs, lifestyle, and budget plan, s/he can come up with a wide range of products that will suit you. This is unlike what you get with an agent who only sells what one insurer (his employer) is offering.

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Periodic Evaluation of Options and Professional Advice

From experience, we can safely say a broker is not into one-time offers. Many of these financial and asset security experts are dynamic in the sense that they have their eyes focused on the market.

As a result, they are able to spot great deals and table them before their established clients. So, rather than being stuck with one plan all your life, these experts come back and make you understand the importance of adding or switching to a better plan in the market.

This is not a luxury experienced by people who deal with agents.

Helps You with Documentation and Understanding Your Policy

Before you append your signature to any plan, the broker will help you understand what you are getting yourself into. This is very important considering that the insurance industry can be very hard to understand with a lot of technical jargon. The broker comes down to your level in helping you comprehend what the insurer is proposing.

There is a long list of brokers in the insurance industry. However, the effectiveness of their service is dependent on several factors. You can visit for more on this and getting the best broker’s service.


Have you ever had difficulties differentiating the roles of agents from brokers?

Well, we are certain the confusion is over given how we have addressed it in this article. Furthermore, you also understand why brokers are the better option considering the several factors discussed in this article. Therefore, we advise that you deal with them when you need the service of an insurer.