There are two main types of funeral. The first is when you or a loved one has passed away, and the funeral arrangements are made within a short time frame. They’re typically a stressful experience as friends and family members are dealing with their grief. They usually have to do a lot of planning in a short space of time and will also have imminent financial concerns.

The other type of funeral are those that are made for people who are still living. Many people choose to plan their own funerals, and this can be beneficial for a number of reasons. Here are just a few:

Ease your family’s burden

One of the biggest issues when people die is when their wishes are unknown. Your family would need to choose whether you want to be cremated or buried. They’ll need to decide on an open or closed casket. There are numerous decisions that will need to be made, and it’s common for friends and family members to disagree on how the funeral should go. Choosing a coffin and buying a headstone can be emotional, and can be particularly hard for family members who are still grieving. Taking care of this yourself is the best way to ensure that the process is seamless and as stress-free as possible.


Take care of the finances

Planning ahead for your funeral, and perhaps getting something like one of the best burial insurance and final expense policies out there in place, will enable you to cover your funeral costs. It usually takes some time for an estate to be settled, and even if you’re setting aside money for your funeral costs, your family may not be able to access that money.

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By taking care of the financial aspects of your funeral, you’re removing a huge amount of stress for your family members. Funeral costs can run into the thousands, and it can be hard for many families to access this amount of money in a short period of time.

Create a meaningful experience

Funerals are important psychological experience for grieving family members. They provide people with a form of closure, allowing them to begin the healing process. It can be difficult to plan a meaningful experience in just a few days, and you may have specific ideas about how your funeral should go. By planning this for your family, it’s a great way to say goodbye from “beyond” and give them a sense of peace.

Make your wishes known

You probably have a good idea of what you would like to be done with your body. Most people are firmly in either the cremation or burial side of things. You may also know exactly where you want to be buried, what you would like written on your tombstone, and who you would like to speak at the funeral. Pre-planning is a good way to ensure that your funeral goes exactly the way you would like it to.