If you’re about to head away to college, then you’re just about to start your journey to figuring out a career. You may be heading to college in the middle of your life, after deciding your original career wasn’t quite for you. However you find yourself in this position, it’s a very exciting time of your life because you’re literally laying the foundation for what you’ll do for a career. When I went to University, I wish someone had sat me down and had me really think about what career I had chosen and what that would mean for me in the work force. If you can I suggest that you do a day of shadowing the career you’re interested in, to see if it’s what you expect it to be. The realities of working as an engineer for example, might be quite different to what you expect. If you’re hunting for ideas for different career paths you can consider, here are 3 interesting careers you should consider and why.

1. Science
Science is an exciting and ever changing field. The other great thing about Science is that it is very wide, there are so many different careers and fields you can get into from this broad topic. Maybe you’re more interested in chemistry, and would feel most at home in a lab working for a food chemistry company using greatest scale calibration weights. Perhaps you’re more interested in the traditional medical sciences, such as studying to become a doctor or working in the ER. If you’re interested in any science based career and still in High School, I suggest taking some Science focused classes so you can figure out what specific type of Science interests you most. At University, usually in your first year you’ll have some space so you can take a few extra classes to see what you actually enjoy more at the deepest level. I employed this system to figure out my major when I was studying at college and it allowed me to try out a few things before committing.

2. A Pilot
This probably tops the list of many people’s idea of a dream career. There’s something super cool about flying a giant plane thousands of meters up in the sky. Pilots also get some pretty cool work benefits, such as cheap flights for themselves and a number of family members, making travel even more affordable. The pay is also considered to be one of the best paying jobs around the world, allowing you to have a great lifestyle. The work can be demanding, especially if you have young children and fly long haul, but this is one job with a number of cool perks.

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3. A Teacher

Teaching is a job that might seem ‘easy’ but in reality is very challenging. You’ll be juggling somewhere between 20 to 30 students of different personalities and abilities. But it’s also one of those careers that can be extremely meaningful. After all, you’ll be helping your students get a year closer to their own careers which is very exciting. There’s nothing better than watching a student’s face light up because they finally understand a concept, and you helped them get there! One of the biggest perks to being a teacher is the extra vacation time. How many weeks off a year you’ll get will depend on where you live, but it’s normal to expect around 6 weeks off during the summer, two weeks off over Christmas, Easter and maybe another time during the year depending on your location.

Starting a new career is both exciting and scary but if you choose one of these incredible careers, I’m sure you’re bound to love it.