Starting your own business can be a complicated process. Nobody can tell you exactly how to do things, because each story of entrepreneurship is unique, but there are certain tools that every small business owner should consider using when starting out. Using these tools can help you take your business to the next level before you’ve even started.

1. Stand out with unique business cards.

You wouldn’t want to be in a situation where you’re speaking with a potential client and have no way of sharing your company’s website and socials so you have to scribble them down on a napkin. What kind of first impression would that make? Using business cards may seem like an outdated way to share your contact information with potential clients, but business card printing companies have stepped up their game. You can now make something truly incredible with the many available options for custom business cards out there.

The Mines Press offers customized business cards that are durable, professional, and affordable. With all of their customizable options, your business card design can go far beyond just your credentials, logo, and a pretty font. They offer templates to help you start your custom business cards. If you’re going for a more standard, professional business card, you can choose one of their full-color business card templates with a glossy finish. They also offer stickers and magnets in addition to your cards. If you’d like your cards to be more modern and unique, they have animated lenticular business card templates as well. When designing your own business cards, keep in mind that they should be as unique to your business as a fingerprint is to a person.

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2. Make security your priority.


When it comes to security systems for your business, you want to make sure you have the best. To protect yourself and your business assets, you’ll want to find a security company that goes above and beyond.

Verkada is a state-of-the-art surveillance and door access control company that puts the security of your business first. Their door access control system provides an integration of video security and cloud-based access control solutions. Their door control hardware has a built-in power supply and works with any existing hardware a specific door may have. Because the access system is cloud-based, you have a live feed of video surveillance and users. As an access manager, you can easily add and remove users, as well as edit credentials and existing permissions.

To avoid unauthorized access you can choose between key cards, proximity cards and remote or mobile access control— or you can use all of the above. Their highly secure options for access cards allow you to no longer worry about an unauthorized person entering any of your buildings. Verkada allows you to have the server room anywhere where there’s a computer and a network connection. You’ll get live video updates throughout the business day as well as alerts to any activity that may occur after business hours.

3. Take advantage of online marketing tools.


It’s important to know that it’s never too early to start marketing your business. It can difficult to know where to start when marketing your business for the first time. The Google Marketing Platform is a great resource for small business owners because it offers free tools for marketing and analytics. Their tools are an integration of data, site design optimization, and marketing.

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Google Marketing Platform lets you test several design configurations for your site, whether it is the mobile or desktop view, so you can find a layout that impresses potential clients. They also offer a survey service where real people give their opinions on the first impression of your website. With all of these free tools at your disposal, this is the best option among marketing management software for small business owners. It puts you in control and gives you one space to handle all your marketing needs.