Every employer wants the best candidates to work in their company. But how? Attracting great candidates means having a great business that people want to work for. It means working hard to make your business as appealing as possible. 

Attracting the best candidates isn’t about making empty promises. If you’re noticing that you don’t have the most enthusiastic or committed candidates, it might be time to make some changes. Here’s what you can do to attract the best candidates.

Use the latest tech

People want to work in exciting, modern companies that use the best technology. It shows that you’re keeping on top of the latest trends and working hard to stay relevant. Plus, you’re making employees lives easier by reducing admin tasks. So, attract the best candidates by using excellent software and technology. Even something like this simple invoicing tool shows that you know how to streamline their workload and are open to new ways of thinking.

Work with charities

Research shows that millennials like to work with companies that are morally and ethically sound. They want to help make a difference. Working with charities will not only attract these kinds of candidates but it will improve your business. You will find that you gain attention from the community and become known as an ethical employer. Not sure where to start? Think about what matters to you and approach some charities with similar motives. Try to approach a charity that matches your area of business.

Casual dress code

What we wear to work isn’t everything. But it means a lot. More employers are now embracing a casual dress code, which allows employees to wear what they feel comfortable in (within reason). While you might not think that jeans and trainers scream professionalism, it helps to boost office morale. If employees feel as though their comfort is valued over their appearance, you show yourself as honest and non-judgemental. It’s clear that you value their skills over anything else. A candidate coming to an interview will notice this relaxed, casual style and it will most likely be appealing.

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Use a chatbot

You probably find that you spend most of your time listing jobs and responding to queries from people who either don’t apply for the role or aren’t suitable. By using a chatbot, you will be able to eliminate candidates without the right skillset and stop wasting your own time responding to empty queries. This gives you the time to focus on the best candidates and support them through the recruitment process, making them more likely to accept a job offer.

Working from home

Covid-19 has shown that working from home is entirely possible for most professions. However, before 2020 most employers were sceptical about letting their employees work from home. You can attract the best candidates by showing that you’re a flexible employer who respects their preferences. By having plenty of opportunities to work from home, you show that you value their skills and trust them to do the job well in any location. It’s an option that most candidates will value.