The world is getting competitive by the day and to make a place and stand out one needs to research in depth. Setting up a business is a no easy feat. Right from developing the business growth stratum and road map to ensuring the execution is rightly done. To aid in manifesting your business vision and goals, get your hands on Netrivals, price detection tool. This solution, will make your business development an effortless task, one that you can rely on to learn competitor pricing. Keep an eye on your competitor activity, answer the important questions – what activities are your competitors performing and how are they doing it. The tool is ergonomically designed and provides solution to conduct competitive research and base strategies to outperform competitors. The tool lets you compare your inputs to those in your industry, basis the choice you make from the gamut of industry options available.


That’s not all. This tools lets you do more than that. You can easily mine the data and information presented to you and design strategies and base apt pricing to outperform your competitors basis what makes the most economic sense. Compare your entire catalogue to that of your competitors in an overview. Too much data? Want to narrow your selection to get a deeper insight? Sort your search through filters. Learn more about differential pricing for each product of your brand to that of your competitors. Are your products more expensive or less expensive? Is there a marginal difference or more? Are you missing out on any profit margin? There’s only one way to find out, the ultimate guide for that is Netrivals. Moreover this tool gives you access to real time reports, which you can save for access anytime. Simply add them to favorites and when you want to download these reports for your records, all you have to do is click, click and you are done. This tool lets you save reports in various formats being CSV, Excel and HTML.

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Why miss out on the information that can be of utmost value to your company? Research can be a cumbersome task. But if you have the right tools you can beat the competition with cost-effective pricing and well designed and planned strategies.  As they say, 80% of time if it is spent planning well, all you need to input is 20% effort in execution and accomplishing the milestone. To manually go research the product price for each product in comparison to your competitors, the number which can range from one to many, can be really tiresome. There are chances of manual labour errors. Why pay the price of time and money when Netrivals can provide you and your company an easy and time and cost saving solution. In addition you also benefit of learning competition data from an extensive range of industries. Netrivals solution is so simple and easy to use,  irrespective of the size of your business, it makes the ongoing and tiresome task of research, easy and exciting one.