Do you want to grow your customer base? If so, then you should be using mailouts. Mailouts are print marketing campaigns that include postcards and brochures mailed directly into a home’s mailbox. They can be used for many purposes, including generating immediate sales leads or even reminding you of an event coming up soon. Here are 6 key reasons why print technology companies in the Philadelphia area should use mailouts.


1) They are printable on light or dark paper.


It is important to print your mailouts on either a lighter coloured cardstock for the front of the postcard, brochure, and flyers or darker colours like black, blue, red. This way, it will look professional no matter what time of day it was mailed out. If you print them on lighter paper, it will be easier to read in the daytime.


2) They promote awareness.


Mailouts are a great way to get your name out there and make sure people remember your company. Whether you’re using it for event marketing or to generate more leads, a mailout is cheaper than any other form of advertising, including digital, just because you can’t beat the cost per impression when it comes to paper marketing.


3) They are printable on glossy paper.


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If you want your mailouts to be really impressive, print them on nice gloss cardstock. This will make it look more pleasing and reflective when the light hits the print. When someone looks at these in their mailbox, they’ll see them visually attractive, potentially leading to an increased interest in what’s being offered.


4) They are printable on self-adhesive.


There’s nothing more frustrating than a postcard that you can’t peel off of the top and stick onto something. This is why print technology companies should print their mailouts on self-adhesive cardstock, which will make it easy for people to hang up or put in a scrapbook without any problems.


5) They are printable on a variety of paperweights.


Printing your mailouts on different paperweights is another great idea. It won’t matter if you print them on lightweight cardstock or heavy cardboard. The customer will still be happy with what they get in their mailbox and not complain about it being too thin to read easily when the daytime rolls around.


6) They are printable in various sizes.


It’s important to print your mailouts in a variety of different paper sizes. For example, if you want people to be able to see the brochure from far away and invite others over, print it on a larger piece of cardstock like 11×17″. If you’re mailing out postcards or flyers as reminders for an event coming up soon, then use smaller pieces that will fit into their mailbox without any problems.


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If print technology companies think about these six points when printing their next list of mailouts, they’ll notice how much easier this can make things for them. They won’t have to worry about whether customers are happy with what was received in their mailbox because each one is well-designed and printable.


This blog post was about print marketing campaigns and why print technology companies in the Philadelphia area should use mailouts. We discussed six key reasons for this, including how they’re printable on various paper types, different weights of cardstock, and sizes. If you have any questions or are interested in getting a quote from, please feel free to contact us.