So, you need to make a little extra cash? It’s nothing to be ashamed of. We could all do with a bit extra here and there. There are many reasons we might feel we need a little more money…

You might be struggling with the impact of the pandemic and need a little extra income. You might be wary about leaving the house in the current climate. Or, if you’ve had an accident that has left you unable to work (see this attorney dealing with personal injury in Atlanta for more info if you’ve had an injury that wasn’t your fault) then making money from home is an ideal solution.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make money without leaving the house. Here are some ideas for when you need to earn a few extra dollars. 

Selling old clothes

Most of us have got too many clothes cluttering up our wardrobes. How many of these items do you actually wear? Having a clear out will not only make you feel like you have more space, but you could earn a little money, too. Try listing them online via Depop or eBay – or even create a mini clothes store at the front of your house. You’ll be surprised to discover how keen people are for a bargain. If you’re looking to sell bigger things that might be hard to ship, you can get cheap LTL freight shipping quotes here to see what options you have.

Bake sale

You might associate a bake sale with people in a slighter younger age bracket than you, but who cares? Everyone loves a bake sale. If you’re nifty in the kitchen and like experimenting with flour, you could easily make a little extra money. For a bigger experience, get the whole street involved and do some leafleting beforehand. Extra experienced bakers could even start a side hustle and deliver their cakes to customers.

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The internet means that making money without leaving the house is an easier experience than it once was. Blogging is a fairly new profession that can be a decent earner. However, don’t take blogging lightly. You’ll need to churn content out quickly and efficiently and find ways of getting people to read it. You won’t necessarily start making money straight away, so it’s one for people with plenty of stamina and resilience.


Tutoring is a great idea for people with qualifications who like sharing their knowledge. You might not love the idea of welcoming a stranger into your house in the current situation, but kids need tutors now more than ever. Why not do some online tutoring? Or, if your students want to meet face to face, you could teach them in your garden. So, if you’re passionate about a subject and want to make a difference, tutoring might be a nice little earner.


While some businesses have slowed, products are still being sold; with more people buying online than ever before. This means that plenty of companies are looking to hire telesales workers. For more information, try searching in your local area.