A few years ago, the synergy between cryptocurrency and standard banking techniques seemed unimaginable. Despite this, it is now possible to use a cryptocurrency-based debit card. FIAT traditionalists and ardent crypto lovers may not like this, but there is no turning back now. 

When it comes time to pay out your gaming wins, you’ll find that the finest Bitcoin card provides you with plenty of options for sports betting. It is vital to keep in mind that most cards now handle a wide range of cryptocurrencies, not only Bitcoin. FIAT cash can be exchanged on the spot with these cards.

To put it another way, you may use your cryptocurrency to buy goods online or withdraw money from an ATM. If you want to know more about each Bitcoin card, have a look at the explanations to make an informed decision about which one is ideal for you. Here is a list of the finest bitcoin cards currently available.

7 Bitcoin Cards for Betting

1. Coinbase Card

You may use Coinbase in the EU, UK, and United States. Verified Coinbase customers can obtain a VISA Bitcoin card. ETH, LTC, and BTC are among the currencies that can be used to make a purchase, although a 2.49% fee is charged for each transaction. 

Only citizens of the United States can use the high-quality stablecoin USDC, which has no transaction fees. The Coinbase Bitcoin card is better suited for residents of the United States. In any event, Coinbase is a well-known brand in the industry; thus, EU and UK customers may require a card for security reasons.

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In addition to the two-step verification and the ability to freeze a card, this Visa card is highly secure and may be used anywhere around the globe! Additionally, you may use the actual card to make contactless, PIN or ATM withdrawals.

2. Binance Card

Binance is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange firm. Currently, it is the world’s most popular cryptocurrency trading platform in terms of volume. Additionally, a real VISA Bitcoin card may be ordered for free by European Binance account holders who have validated their ID and address.

All transactions are free, and there are no monthly transaction restrictions or fees. For sports betting, you may use major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and ADA. Access to all VISA merchants and most EU nations are provided with this card.

3. Nexo Card

The name Nexo has long been connected with cryptocurrencies, even though the firm was founded just in 2018. Even though several high-profile firms support nexo’s credit card, it is still one of the best cards for sports betting.

The card may be opened totally from the smartphone app, and they will send you a real card to match. It’s a Mastercard, which means it can be used at most stores worldwide. All of your purchases count toward your bonus points total.

4. Crypto.com Card

This is another well-known cryptocurrency exchange vying for the title of best crypto sports betting card. In the same way, Binance has its cryptocurrency, Crypto.com has its CRO token. The more CRO you own, the more advantages you accrue. 

After 12 months of inactivity, the card will be fined 5 euros, pounds, or dollars. The exchange rates for cryptocurrencies like ETH, BTC, LTC, and XRP vary for each supported coin. As a result, the true market prices are almost always greater than the inflated ones offered here. 

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Before finalizing the transaction, you should double-check all of the information provided by the other party. Also, check out the perks for higher-tier cards, such as free Spotify and Netflix subscriptions.

5. Wirex Card

The Wirex card is unique as it allows you to spend both cryptocurrency (they support over 150 currencies) and fiat cash with one swipe. You may use this card for sports betting and pay for any purchase in any currency, which is ideal for travelers. 

Additionally, you’ll be able to make free cash withdrawals of up to $400 every month from ATMs across the world. You won’t have to pay an exchange charge, and you’ll be rewarded for using your debit card. Note that a small monthly cost is associated with keeping this card in your wallet.

6. Tenx Card

As an ICO, this firm has grown tremendously and is now regarded as one of the most dependable cryptocurrency cards available. Unfortunately, this card is not accessible to residents of the United States or the United Kingdom, and it comes with a price. 

This is another Visa card on the list, which means that most businesses accept it. This is an excellent alternative for individuals who do not want to spend their crypto on credit but still like to use a card.

7. Revoult Card

Companies like Revolut provide outstanding financial services via a mobile app for use everywhere touchless payments are permitted. However, an actual card can be requested, but it is optional. 

Revolut’s app includes budgeting and alarm services to let you know when you’ve exceeded your budget. This is one of the reasons why it’s so unique.  The plan you choose will determine the services you may use with your card. The standard plan is the only free one available; the other three cost money. A credit card and a debit card are available from this business.

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With the finest bitcoin debit cards, you can take advantage of several financial advantages that few other businesses can offer in sports betting. In fact, they may be considered the first actual implementation of cryptocurrencies in the existing financial system. The best crypto cards are those issued by the exchanges you currently use.

Binance is recommended to most crypto traders or users since it’s easy to fund your card from your crypto account, and its costs are quite low. However, as a general rule, you can’t go wrong with any of the cards on this list if you decide to spend your crypto! Also, you’ll be thrilled to know that you can spend your crypto in your comfort.