Not long ago, web designers felt it was enough to simply ensure their websites were mobile friendly. This meant that the site would accurately be displayed on a computer or a smaller device. However, this typically meant the content was much smaller on devices such as smartphones and tablets.

That is no longer sufficient. According to the 2016 KPCB Internet Trends Report, internet access via smartphone is continuing to increase. As more people have adopted this type of device it has become more important than ever to ensure they are able to access your content from wherever they may be.

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E-commerce on the Go

All digital marketing leads consumers to the main website. Even companies who have an app see a substantial number of consumers visiting their primary website from their smartphones. This is because social media promotions, Google searches, and even email newsletters all redirect traffic back to the website.

Any company that is in the business of selling items or services simply must have a platform to sell to consumers who are visiting from a mobile device. Many people shop from their phone during long commutes, meetings, and even social outings. Every business will benefit from mobile e-commerce solutions.

The New Search

Another reason it is imperative for businesses to have mobile optimized websites is due to the way search engines are beginning to prioritizes results. Google, and other search engines, have begun looking to make sure the websites they are directing users to have a responsive design. They also check to make sure that none of the content is going to be difficult for users to view when on a mobile device such as flash videos.

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Businesses must still focus on SEO best practices to be noticed by search engines but now they must go a step further and also prove they have content which is accessible to mobile users. Failing to do this will often result in a lower page ranking that consumers may not see.

Mobile Design

What makes a website appealing to a search engine and a mobile user? Responsive design. Many companies think that if their website is visible on a mobile device then they have a mobile design and don’t need to worry about revamping their site. Unfortunately, this simply isn’t true. In order to be easily viewed on a mobile device the website must have a responsive design.

Responsive web design allows the website to respond to the type of device on which it is being viewed. The way in which the content is displayed will change based on the platform, screen size, and orientation of the device the user is on. This requires a more complex coding structure, but has quickly become the gold standard in web design.

If you want to grow your business, you must constantly be looking to the future and anticipating the needs of your customers. It isn’t enough to maintain what you have online because technology is changing faster than at any point in history. The devices and web browsers used today will likely be obsolete within a few years. To stay competitive in today’s marketplace you must optimize your website for mobile devices but tomorrow it may be virtual reality devices.