If you have a company, and you’re trying to get the best candidates for your various positions, you might use the old-fashioned method to find them. You’ll find potential recruits through Monster, Indeed, or LinkedIn. You’ll look at their resumes and pick which ones sound right based on their self-reported qualifications.

The issue with finding candidates this way is that you’re going to get workplace homogeneity. You also probably won’t get the innovators that can help your business thrive.

You may not have known this, but now there are software suites that can refine the talent search process. Let’s look at what some of these software options can do for you.

Get a Talent Matching Software Suite

To reform the way you find suitable workforce candidates, the first thing you will do is get an AI-enabled talent matching software suite. It’s the AI that makes the real difference in finding the right candidate for each job.

What you’ll do is have each applicant interact with the software rather than hand over a resume before you interview them. The AI-enabled algorithm will have a much better idea of not only whether this person will work well with your company but also whether they will function best at the position for which they are applying.

The software suite does this through four steps: guidance, selection, redirection, and insights. Let’s go over these one at a time.


The candidate will answer a questionnaire rather than applying to a specific job. The software will then provide them with a role shortlist for which they’re best qualified.

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This way, you get a consumer-grade candidate experience and even applicant distribution. This helps promote diversity, which is sorely lacking in so many industries.

You maximize your candidate pool’s yield this way as well. The software figures out which high-quality candidates there are in each field and steers them in the right direction, rather than you rejecting them for the one position for which they applied.


The AI-enabled software model lets you identify the most highly-qualified candidate with remarkable accuracy. The AI looks at the custom job profiles across your whole company and lets you know through a detailed assessment why the candidate they selected is the right fit for each one.

This way, you’re promoting hiring diversity. If you want to give women, minorities, people of color, etc., the best opportunities, this is how you do that, with a real scientific algorithm backing you up.  


The algorithm can also redirect a candidate to another position rather than rejecting them outright if your company has one available. You might have an intelligent, capable individual, but they’re not the best fit for the first job to which they applied. The algorithm can point them in the right direction if it identifies a better company role currently available.

This way, you don’t just maximize your candidate pool, but you also save the additional time you’d otherwise spend headhunting. You no longer have to hire an intermediary to find you the best candidates. The software can do that for you.


If you’re not sure about a candidate, you can also get into more detail. The AI can show you flow charts and comprehensive analytic data, which demonstrates why they recommended each candidate for each position.

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You get interactive, actionable insights into the whole process. You want a company with a proprietary, unique dataset, one that you’re sure works well.

That’s why, when you look at the different AI-enabled workforce talent matching software systems that are out there, you want one with a proven success record. You can look at the hard data to figure that out.

You want a proprietary software suite where more candidates enjoy the application and selection process. You need one where more employees stay with the company longer. You also want one that boosts yearly sales or other output measurements.

It sounds almost inconceivable that a software suite should be able to do all of this, but this AI-enabled tech does exist today. If you can purchase and implement the right solution, you don’t need to spend so much time searching for would-be candidates, and you can facilitate your company’s growth.

Not only that, but you’re going to lead your industry in diversity hires. You want to do that, not just to be PC, but because if you have more individuals from diverse backgrounds, they have an excellent opportunity to learn from each other.