Businesses are important to the local community because they can influence so many things about the community. It’s widely known that a good store, such as a Sainsbury, can drive up houses prices in the area. Likewise having good schools in a community can dramatically influence the desirability of that neighborhood. Businesses that focus on health, fitness and leisure can also change the dynamic of the local community, helping it’s residents become healthier and happier. No matter where you live, there are probably a number of businesses nearby that are shaping your community. Here are my top 5 ways that businesses influence the community:

1. Extra Security
While you may live in a very safe part of town, having businesses around that have security and security cameras can increase the feeling of security in your area, especially if the businesses are open late at night. Businesses also tend to have great lighting, which helps an area feel more alive and even more secure.

2. Sense of Community
If you’re lucky enough to have a business in your community that focuses on health and wellbeing, such as a yoga studio, gym, or even swimming center then you’ll know how much these businesses can change the sense of community. Having a space where people with similar hobbies and interests can spend time together is a real gem for the community.

3. Increase House Value
Having a school, college, university or even in-demand preschool can dramatically influence the market value of your neighborhood. Families are always looking for areas to invest in where they know their children can find ample education opportunities. Families tend to look for closeness to a school when purchasing a home as it will dictate how much freedom and independence their kids will have in getting to school. Also living in a zone for a good school means the application process will be much easier.

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4. Make Your Life Easier
If you live really close to a convenience store or supermarket, it will make your life easier. I strongly dislike when I have to pop out to the supermarket to grab something for a recipe, but due to distance or traffic, a little supermarket trip takes me hours! Having a good supermarket or at least convenience store nearby can make life so much easier!

5. Bring Extra Customers
If you’re a business owner, you may feel anxious about new competition opening up near you. But the truth is more businesses in a certain area, make it more desirable to visit. Extra traffic means that it’s easier than before to find new customers. More businesses opening up where you have a business is a great thing, particularly if your niches do not overlap!

Businesses in the local community really affect how we feel about where we live. Check out this awesome infographic by Slater Gordon Lawyers to learn more about how people feel about their communities.

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