If you are an entrepreneur that is constantly on the go, you want to be able to run your business and perform certain tasks from wherever you are. If you have internet connection, you can virtually run everything from your phone using apps and online tools for key tasks.

Here are some of the best apps for business people who like to use their time wisely:

Trello – Do you have a team of people that you want to be able to delegate various tasks to? Sign up for a Trello account and you can manage your projects and create new tasks from your smartphone app. Trello is really easy to use and you can invite all the relevant people to view a task card and communicate with them instantly within the app.


Wave – Wave offers the ability to create receipts as well as send out invoices. Get your work paid for whilst you are on the train or anywhere in the world with these simple apps. They can also save a lot of time that you would usually use up typing details into invoices in a word doc.

Mint.com – This handy app will let you track all of your finances and keep an eye on your budget. So, whether you need to review your small business loans with LendGenius or you want to see what is due to go out of your bank account, Mint provides a dashboard style summary of all your key finance information.

PayPal – Request payments or make payments in just a few clicks. PayPal makes payment processing possible wherever you are through their simple app.

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RescueTime – You can use apps like RescueTime to monitor where you are spending your time. If you need a productivity boost, the app will break down exactly what websites and apps you have been using to identify ways you can be more productive. You can even set goals to give you some extra motivation.

Hootsuite – When it comes to managing your social media accounts for your business, you will find that Hootsuite can save you large chunks of time. Download the app and give it a try if you want to be able to easily manage your social media accounts using just your smartphone and set up a queue of posts if you have other tasks to complete.

LinkedIn – Stay connected with your network using the LinkedIn app. Whether you want to collaborate with other people, write posts to drive lead generations or even look at the latest job vacancies, you can do it all from this simple to use app. You can even advertise roles for your own company, slashing recruitment costs and getting quicker responses.

Having a smartphone and internet access is pretty much all you need to do the majority of business tasks in the modern world. This is enabling successful businesspeople to run their business smartly and instantly, wherever they happen to be. If you want to work smarter, download some of these apps today to start getting more out of your time.