Every successful company understands the importance of a strong and positive corporate culture, especially for maintaining an edge on the competition. In this article, Ryan Rock, Ankeny native and President of Empire AG, LLC looks at actionable steps every entrepreneur can take to establish a winning company culture throughout an organization. These steps can help any startup along the path to success. 

Start with the Culture You Have

Spend some time examining your company’s current culture, and then think of the culture you want to see grow in your organization. Moving forward in developing a positive culture does not mean asking employees to change behaviors radically. Learn by talking with employees what things they already like and don’t like about their work environment. Consider how to emphasize the good aspects of the culture before broadcasting significant changes to the team. People are usually wary of change and want to feel like active participants in new ways of doing things.

Create Well-Defined and Achievable Goals

Every team member should have objective goals in mind for their daily work. You should structure goals for each position that support the overall department and total organizational goals. When you provide large-scale goals, involve each team member in establishing their department and individual goals that support the direction of the entire company. 

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Bringing every team member into the discussion regarding goal setting lets every person feel a personal investment in the company’s success and objectives. The most critical aspect of a thriving corporate culture is a strong feeling of teamwork and camaraderie in setting and reaching goals while having fun doing it. 

Set the Culture Example Daily as the Leader of Your Organization

It is one thing to imagine the perfect corporate culture you want for your company in your mind. It is something altogether different to communicate that concept to every member of your team effectively. The single best way to get the message across to everyone is to advocate your desired culture openly and to live it every single day. 

When you effectively demonstrate your commitment to the culture you want to develop, you will find that other leaders in your organization will champion your ideas and follow your lead. For your image of the perfect culture for your company to come to life, every level of your organization needs to buy in by following your example. 

Focus Your Hiring Process on Bringing the Right People to Your Team

Startup companies should especially focus on hiring people who will foster and develop the culture you are trying to create. Many new businesses feel that they have to hire for particular skills. Don’t compromise on getting a person who will be a good member of the type of team you want to build solely to check off a particular function you need to cover. 

When interviewing, be sure to thoroughly cover the culture you want to promote in your organization and pick up on feedback that candidates give in response. This can also assist in finding employees who have diverse backgrounds and skills while delivering attitudes and abilities that genuinely support the direction you want to take your company.

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About Ryan Rock

Ryan Rock of Ankeny, Iowa, developed leadership skills through his experience in school and the military. Rock knows what it takes to lead a team in achieving goals and focusing on progress and growth, and developed those skills while founding, launching, and leading his company, Empire AG, LLC. He and his team focus on Empire AG’s customers by building workable and solid solutions.