Despite the emphasis on direct marketing lately, with the rise of the Instagram Influencer and social media, print marketing is still a viable option for many businesses. But, like any tactic, it works better for some sectors more than others. The DMA (Direct Marketing Association) released figures from a Royal Mail study on leaflet distribution services (or door drop marketing) to find out which sectors are most successful in leaflet distribution. Together with Direct Letterbox Marketing, we take a look at the results, as well as other industries who can benefit from leaflet marketing.

4. Local services

46% of consumers are happy to receive leaflets from local services, according to the study. This is hardly surprising – many people love to support local businesses, as it helps to bolster the local economy. Plus, there’s an element of trust in local people doing jobs for each other; if someone’s from the area, they are likely to know the variables that might impact, say, a gardening job or a double glazing window installation.

Perhaps you’re a local mobile nail technician or hairdresser? If so, leaflets can be a great way to get your name and number out there, along with examples of your work. You can even promote a discount to make your services competitive with larger salons. Customers will love not having to leave the comfort of their own home, a new style, plus a discount!

Another local service to consider leaflets would be local events. Leaflets are a great way to inform the community about the time and place of an upcoming event and help boost your attendance rate. After all, it’s difficult to be heard on the crowded online world, but people are always happy to hear about something to do at the weekend! EventBrite suggests you could even use custom URLs on your leaflet to track how successful your leaflet campaign has been.

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3. Restaurants and takeaways

For restaurants, 50% of people who took part in the study said they would be happy to receive a leaflet through the door. Keeping in touch with the previous point, local takeaways and restaurants can really benefit from flyer distribution – getting your menu, your phone number, and your prices out there is the best way to be seen. Plus, most people still have a drawer for menus to peruse on a Friday night; 45% of people still keep leaflets in a drawer or pinned up.

Again, voucher and coupons are the way to go to ensure customers keep a hold of your leaflets – DMA noted that money-off flyers were 50% more likely to be held onto for at least a week, and 71% of consumers note that coupons and samples are useful for discovering services they need.

2. FMCG brands

Coming in second for success in leaflet users is FMCG brands. FMCG brands are Fast Moving Consumer Goods; think Coca-Cola and Warburtons, for example. These are products where the demand is almost always there, and the cost to produce the item is relatively low.

Campaign reported on the use of direct marketing from FMCG brands, with a quote from David Payne, head of direct marketing at the IPA:

“Most consumers think of [direct marketing] as junk mail – but that’s not true for packaged goods, where consumers actually like to receive mailings. There is usually some incentive, such as money-off vouchers, and in that sense, they don’t see it as junk.”

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This effect is transferable to other services too; if you run a local bakery, for instance, you can capitalise on people’s enjoyment of supporting the local economy as well as the success enjoyed by FMCG brands like Warburtons. Offering an incentive will increase the likelihood of customers coming to your store to see what you have to offer.

1. Retail

DMA revealed that the retail sector was shown in the study to be the number one industry that sees success in leaflet distribution. According to the figures, nine out of ten customers are happy to receive regular direct mail from retailers.

Plus, the research showed that 48% of consumers visited the shop advertised. Again, money off vouchers and coupons can make an impact with leaflets, but for retail, you also have the opportunity to make a connection with your customers. found that 57% of people feel valued by receiving mail and doing so creates a better relationship between the consumer and the brand. Having a marketing campaign that delves into both offline and online marketing strategies gives your business a better chance at succeeding, especially in the early stages of the company.

This is just a small sample of the sectors that have seen success in door to door leaflet distribution. Clearly, the media of print marketing is not dead, with big brands still seeing the benefits of the more personal touch of print media.