Career satisfaction is important to maintain high levels of motivation and productivity. Accounting experts express satisfaction with their job more so than other categories of professionals, according to various surveys. There are many reasons why, even in periods of stress and overwork, they can still be confident that they’ve made the right career choice.

They’re in High Demand

       When so many graduates struggle to carve a path for themselves in the job market, prospects solidify quickly for accountants. Being in high demand gives them the freedom to not accept any job, which for many other people in entry-level positions is a privilege. Accountants can afford to look at more than just salary and make sure they choose the job that satisfies other personal preferences, like location, size of the company, vacation time or others.

       The high demand means that they also don’t have to worry about the possibility of losing their job. Even if a business fails, the in-house accountant is among the first people to find a new job. This confidence that they can find a new job in their industry contributes largely to their job satisfaction. If they keep an eye on the job market, new better opportunities are bound to appear quickly. All this makes accountants certain that they’ve chosen a good career.

They’re Well-Compensated

       Good financial compensation plays an important role in job satisfaction, and accountants typically enjoy good pay and benefits, along with performance bonuses and other incentives. Between a staff accountant and an account manager, salaries can vary greatly, but career progression is fast, so the salary can double in as little as two or three years if you change companies.

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       Just like with any other career, the salary range for accountants depends on factors such as location, years of experience, educational background, certifications, size of the company where they’re employed and industry. An advanced degree or additional specialization can have a great impact on how much they get paid and which level of responsibility they get in a company.

They Have Choice

       Accountancy opens up a wide range of career paths. From an entry-level position like an accounting clerk, there are many possibilities for growth and many good accountants become Chief Financial Officers, finance directors, corporate treasurers, or partners in an accounting firm. Some prefer a tax accounting career, which enables them to work independently for individual clients and businesses, to provide private services for a corporation or to work for the government.

Thus, not only that accountants can choose a branch to specialize in, but there are no limits on the type or size of company or client they can work for. They can get employed by the government, non-profit organizations, corporations, startups. They can work with self-employed individuals or with people in liberal professions. There are a myriad of options for ambitious individuals.

       People are kept in a job if they feel that their hard work is compensated fairly and their desire for progress is not stifled. For accountants, these conditions are easily met. The stability of their job and ample employment opportunities also add to the feeling of satisfaction.