Whether you’re searching for a new job, or wondering if you’re paid enough, this post will guide you through some of the best paid jobs in the UK, and the factors impacting how much you can earn.

First, it’s important to consider the statistics. Each year, the Office of National Statistics releases the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings. This encourages a deluge of articles, with the 10 worst and best paid jobs. However there are a number of factors that impact how much you’ll earn.

Some of the things that impact how much you’ll earn? Your gender, your age, and whether you work for yourself or for someone else.

Personally, choosing to work for myself has been the best decision I’ve ever made. When I hear other people talk about their crazy bosses or office politics, I’m continually reminded of why I work for myself, even though this can occasionally be the more stressful choice. We’re currently seeing a massive jump in the number of people who have side hustles, work as freelancers, or are working on their own business. This is because it’s now easier than ever to work online, allowing people to work from the comfort of their own home and choose their own hours.

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Personally, I love the freedom associated with working for myself. I have no idea how people get things done through the week, especially when most businesses are open 9-5 and Monday to Friday. If I have a dentist appointment, I can easily shuffle my schedule around so I have plenty of time to work later or earlier in the day.

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Working for yourself is also hugely beneficial when you have a family. When I raise my kids, I’ll be able to ensure I’m there for ballet recitals, school plays, and anything else they need me for- I can simply work around my family instead of the other way around.

Another good reason to work for yourself? Earning potential. In a regular 9-5, your income and earning potential often depends on how well you get on with your boss and how well the company is doing as a whole. When you work for yourself, you’re in much greater control of how much you earn- you can increase your rates as you become more experienced.

Many people are worried about giving up the job security associated with a 9-5. After all, when you work for someone else, you’re guaranteed a paycheck each week. But there are definitely ways that you can gently transition to working for yourself. Begin by working in your free time when you’re not working your 9 to 5. Slowly ramp up your hours and approach new clients until you’re sure you can take that business full time and then quit your job.

Do you work for yourself? What are your biggest reasons for ditching the daily grind? Leave a comment below and let me know.