Cannabis, also known as marijuana or pot, is a drug taken for medical and recreational purposes. The drug has various benefits, such as releasing chronic pains, improving lung capacity, preventing diabetes, treating depression, alleviating anxiety, and fighting cancer. These and other advantages have led to the high demand for the product. When purchasing cannabis, there are factors you need to consider. Below is a buyer’s guide to cannabis.


The market has all types of cannabis, both original and counterfeit. The packaging of the product can help you determine its quality. Products stored in glass other than plastic containers keep the products fresh and airtight. Dull glasses prevent UV rays from destroying the product for a long duration. The smell of cannabis is also a factor of quality. Properly grown and cured cannabis smells like skunk or pine. The more experience you have in purchasing the product, the more your nose is trained to know the difference between good and bad cannabis. A sign of mold in the products indicates the product is not right. Check the manufacturing and the expiry date before buying.

Your Needs

Why do you need cannabis? The goal helps you get the right products from the store. Some people take marijuana for recreational purposes while others for medical reasons. Talk to the store tender to help you get what you want if you’re not sure.

Consumption Method

Cannabis is administered differently into the bloodstream. Ingestion is one of the ways where a person eats or drinks the product. It delays the psychoactive effects but has the most prolonged duration effects after the drug has entered the bloodstream. Vaping is another method with high psychoactive effects. It has no toxins compared to smoking. Consider the temperature of the device used when vaping to be safe.

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CBD Content

CBD is an abbreviation of cannabidiol – a substance in the cannabis plant with no toxic effects. Some products may have high CBD content while others have a lower percentage. For example, products like CBD muscle balm have a large CBD content in order to help with muscle pain. The ratio of the CBD content is equated to that of THC. The lower the CBD ratio to THC, the higher the psychoactive experiences. A product with a 4% to 9% of CBD concentration is said to have a high CBD content. More often than not, it is the medical benefits of CBD that people seek when using cannabis products. This is not to say that THC doesn’t have medical benefits, as it does. There are edible gummies that contain delta 8 THC that are said to have many health benefits, including relief from pain and help with insomnia. However, the medical benefits of CBD have been researched more thoroughly. This is why you can now find CBD products – things like CBD oil, for instance – which have the same medicinal properties as cannabis without the THC. Many CBD products are widely available online. Here is a list of the best CBD oils for sale in UK as an example of what is available on the market.


Cannabis has a variety of flavors to choose from. The plants from marijuana seeds have unique characteristics of cannabinoids, smell, and taste. The most common types of flavors include earthly, floral, and fruity. The crossing of genetics has brought more flavors to the market. At least 48 flavors have been discovered, including the cheese aroma, the coffee aroma, wood taste, the smell of jasmine, lavender, and many others. You can choose from the list of your preference.

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The Dispensary

Due to the high demand for cannabis, many dispensaries have emerged both online and physically. Consider the reputation of the store and the quality of products sold. Customer service is also another factor to look for. You want to go to a store where you feel welcome and comfortable. Research and check their ratings or get referrals if you have no clue of any dispensary.


Cannabis is not like any typical drug. It can be expensive, especially when you want a quality product. It is sold in different amounts, which allows you to buy what you can afford. Do not compromise quality when buying. When purchasing online, pick the product yourself to cut the delivery expense. Also, please take advantage of dispensaries that offer loyalty discounts.

If this is your first time making purchases, consider the highlighted factors to get the best products. Know what you want and where to get it from for the best experience.