Prostitution is considered one of the oldest jobs in the world. Time changed, humans stepped into the digital age from the industrialization era and soon we will enter Web 3.0. And the adult sector adapted to the change of times. It has been criticized by various intellectuals, but it remained.

If you are a periodic drama lover then, you must have seen the adult sector prevailing in the early 19th century in England. Well, the profession is still prevalent in many parts of the country. If you want private female escorts in London, you are just a call away. In fact, there are various websites, like Skokka, that provide their users with a portal to book a personal escort for them.

While prostitution is totally banned in a few countries, there are many that have regulated the adult sector. Let us take London as an example, selling sex is legal whereas keeping a brothel is illegal. 

Growth of Adult Sector

As we already mentioned, the adult sector is the oldest in the world. However, rapid growth in this sector can be seen recently. There are various reasons for this, let us start with the most obvious one.

1. In earlier times, data from the adult sector was not available to economists. So, making an estimate of the economic growth in the sector was not possible. With the advancement in internet technology, data started coming out as more and more of these adult institutions started to register themselves online. Still, all of the data is not available to the public yet. So, making an estimate about the adult sector’s role in the world economy won’t be completely accurate.

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2. Moving to the next reason for the growth of the adult sector is the advancement in the Internet. As more and more adult institutions are using websites to reach out to their clients. You can call it another reason for the slow and steady growth of the adult sector.

3. The third main reason that contributes to the steady growth of the adult sector in the world is unemployment. As the world keeps getting struck by a pandemic and the ever-looming threat of a global war, job stability has decreased. As a result, many have resorted to sex work and the many opportunities within to be able to maintain their lifestyles. 

Economic Relevance of Adult Sector

There are various countries around the world that have legalized and decriminalised prostitution. These countries include states like New Zealand and Australia. Yes, you heard that right, you can easily find experienced escorts in Wellington.

However, these countries have not made all prostitution-related practices fully legal. They have regulated the adult sector within a set of guidelines. Yes, it is legal to sell sex in Australia but pimping is not. That means you can work independently as a sex worker. But, working in a brothel will be considered illegal depending on the state, and pimping is completely forbidden as it implies many risks.

The history of the adult sector

To understand the adult sector’s economic relevance, let us take up the example of the United Kingdom. For that, we need to start from the past and then we will move to the figures that the adult sector is adding to the economy of the United Kingdom.

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Sex work and its workers were openly accepted in the UK until the 19th century. At the beginning of the 19th century, a combination of Victorian morality and greater religiosity gathered a lot of people and as result, the adult sector was criminalized in the year 1824.

This rule was created under the Vagrancy Act and anyone found violating the act was sentenced to rigorous labour for a month. Although the rules were strict the sexist approach of men not letting women work and earn money, and the subsequent poverty, did not stop women from selling sex. According to reports prostitution was the fourth most common job among Victorian women.

Role of the adult sector in the economy

Whenever we talk about the economy of a country we refer to the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of the country. Well, if you are new to the term then let us explain it to you in the most simple language possible.

GDP is the amount of sales and services purchased by the citizens of a particular country. This is the major reason why economists want to decriminalize the adult sector. The value that the adult sector adds to the GDP of a country is unmatchable.

We will talk about the UK economy in the year 2009 and the economic relevance of the adult sector in it. It was found that prostitution adds up to £5.3 billion in the GDP. The porn industry adds £1 Billion and the strip clubs all around the United Kingdom add up to £300 million.

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The economists compared these figures with the Super League which is run all across the globe and around 4.7 Billion people watch it. The super league generates around £3.36 billion. So, one thing is clear, if you need to increase the GDP of a country the adult sector could be the key.

Wrapping Up

It is a fact that the world is divided into two halves when it comes to the adult sector. There are a few who stand firmly with the decision to criminalize prostitution and there are others like economists, human rights advocates, and Brisbane escorts who want to get it decriminalized.

The post above on “The Steady Growth of the Adult Sector and its Economic Relevance”, makes one thing clear: the adult industry plays a vital role in developing the economy of a country. But, the fact that pimping is something tricky cannot be denied as it is still hard to legislate in order to avoid sex traficking.

Which side of the conversation do you stand on? Do tell us your views on the topic in the comments section below. We will be waiting for your response.