Family vacations are a special time of year, after all, it’s when you can really connect with your partner and children and spend plenty of time together. Normal life is busy, with meetings, running errands, supermarket shopping, school runs, and so on, it can be hard to find even an hour together each day. But on a family vacation, you have days upon days to indulge in your favourite activities with your loved ones without the stress of normal life. If you’ve been dreaming of that family vacation to Rosewood Mayakoba Riviera Maya for a while, or simply want to plan another one, hopefully, these 4 tips for saving money on a family vacation will make your dream a reality sooner!

1. Consider a Day Trip
Family vacations can be expensive and the truth is you don’t have to go far away to create that vacation vibe. You can even do something as special as a weekend away or even a day trip. Obviously it will depend on what’s near to you, but most kids are easily entertained – being somewhere new is often enough. I suggest looking for a location that has something that will entertain your kids, whether it’s a museum, a giant park, an area you can go kayaking – something different that you don’t do every week. If you’re planning to move to Europe, then you’ll be easily able to do weekend trips to other cities throughout Europe. Check out

2. Look to Airbnb
Traditional hotels are really expensive, not only due to their outright cost, but once you factor in the fact you will have to eat out every meal and the cost of doing laundry on the road, it just adds up. That’s why I love staying in Airbnb rentals when I’m traveling. Most, if not all of them, have kitchen facilities, meaning that you can eat at least one meal a day at home. It might not sound like much, but if you’re a family of four of five, this can lead to pretty big savings over the course of a week long trip away. If you’re on a mega budget you can even prepare all your meals in the Airbnb, saving your spending money for actual activities you’re bound to treasure for a long time.

3. Travel in Off Season

If you plan to go to Europe in the middle of summer, well you’re going to pay for it. Not only will it be crowded, with long lines for all the major attractions, but everything will be more expensive overall too. The price of accommodation goes up sharply during the summer, as well as the cost of transportation such as intercity buses and trains. Traveling during the spring or fall is a wonderful way to save money on a trip, while still enjoying some warmer weather.

Traveling as a family doesn’t have to be extremely expensive, using these tips you can hopefully save money on your family vacations and maybe even go more often.

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