Do you plan to spruce up your farmhouse-themed bathroom to give it a new look without breaking the bank? We got your back!

We’ve listed down pocket-friendly farmhouse bathroom decorating ideas that will turn every bathing sanctuary into a homey, rustic paradise.

From aesthetic inspiration to storage solutions to quaint decorations, we’ve got it covered for you. 

Whether you love to DIY projects, enjoy upcycling old items, or buy everything new, you will find farmhouse bathroom decoration hacks that fit your style and budget.

Take your cue from the following:

White, Black, and Gold Bathroom Decors

White and black is considered a classic color theme for bathrooms. If you’re aiming for the rural vibe, these colors will give you just that. You can use burlap for the curtains that makes for a simple yet elegant touch to the decor. Adding a golden vanity mirror will also pop the room a bit more.

Simple Faux Flower Vase and Stand

Sometimes, a simple vase filled with flowers is all you need to spice up your bathroom’s look. But, if you want to show off a little bit of your personality, consider using something more creative than your usual vase. 

You can use a sack-like bag in any neutral color, where you can put the flowers. Just put it on an end table, and voila! You added interesting decor to your bathroom.

Wooden Wall Hook Hanging

Why settle for an ordinary hook if you can create an artsy wooden wall hook slab? You can hang your robes, towels, and other knick knacks in your bathroom in style. Wooden hooks might look basic, but the wooden slab combined with the metal hooks makes for a big statement in your farmhouse bathroom. 

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Farmhouse Lettered Wall Art

Another way to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom is by adding farmhouse style signs or wall art. If you can’t find your ideal quotes or signs in art stores, you can just make your own lettered art. In this way, you can create something that reflects you or your family’s personality.

Reclaimed Wood Shiplap Style Wallpaper

Want to decorate your bathroom but can’t commit to a full-time overhaul? Use peel and stick wallpaper that does wonders! Look for a reclaimed-inspired vinyl wallpaper with aged wood in a shiplap pattern. Simply paste it on your bathroom’s wall, then in a few minutes, it will have a new look. 

Customized Wooden Bathroom Wash Tag

Who says wash tags are outdated? You’ll be surprised how the smallest of items can enhance your bathroom’s look, and a custom wash tag is no exception. 

It’s perfect if you love minimalist decors. You can easily buy them on decor shops, online stores that sell household accessories or have them customized by a person who makes arts and crafts.

Wooden Floating Storage Shelf

All floating shelves look lovely in any room but putting them in your bathroom emphasizes their unique and rustic appearance. To get the color you want for your bathroom, you can select from multiple staining options. Make sure to buy the ones that can hold a lot of your bath essentials and toiletries.

Light Fixtures and Distressed Mirror

Nothing screams more farmhouse than Mason jars and wooden features. The jar light fixtures and the good level of distressed appearance of the mirror can add a unique touch to your bathroom.

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Upcycled Window Frame Towel Rack

A window frame towel rack will make for a shabby chic accent piece — a far cry from the ordinary stick-on bathroom hooks. This rack will double as a beautiful wall decoration and a towel holder, which is both valuable and attractive. The boxwood wreath and unique triangle design add more visual interest to your bathroom.