For many store owners, procuring goods wholesale to stock their stores is critical to the running of their business. Being able to do so for a reduced cost hands a store owner a massive competitive edge. Ecommerce provides store owners with the perfect tool to buy wholesale for less. 

The Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent stay-at-home orders and requirements for social distancing even when outlets were open, drove many people online to meet their shopping needs. The result of this was a boom in e-commerce. Digital Commerce 360 estimates that online consumer spending on US merchants reached $861.12 billion in 2020, an incredible 44% rise over 2019’s numbers.This represents the biggest annual ecommerce growth that the United States has witnessed in two decades. The next best rise is the 15.15 rise in 2019 over 2018’s numbers. Not only did more people shop online, the tools to build an online shop have become more easily through platforms like Shopify. Retailers also have access to easy-to-use platforms like Amazon. The rise in competition has driven down the price of wholesale goods, presenting the perfect opportunity for buying wholesale for less. 

Tundra is a wonderful wholesale marketplace that you should be looking at to buy brand-name goods wholesale at the lowest direct price available. Tundra’s site is easy to use and gives you access to a huge market with over 2,500 merchants supplying more than 800,000 products from brands such as Burt’s Bees, Fisher-Price, Jelly Bean, Red Vines, and others. 

You can search through Tundra using search tags to get the best products at the best direct price available. After you have put your goods in the cart, and have done searching, you simply go to checkout. The checkout process will calculate the cost of shipping, including expedited options. The company has a zero transaction costs policy, but, if you want to insure your purchase, or prepay duty and taxes (an important consideration as Tundra delivers to over 180 countries), you will have to pay for those options. Tundra ensures that your order is shipped directly from your supplier’s warehouse to your delivery address. During shipping, you will have access to real-time tracking as well as notifications, so that you always know where your purchase is. 

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At present, Tundra gives a discount for new users of 15% for their first purchase. This covers your entire first order and not just a portion of it or orders up to a specific amount. To qualify for this discount, you have to place your order within seven days of having registered on the site. That is a big enough window for you to find the products you want and decide what you will buy. Tundra makes it easy to get the best products at the best prices and, with payment terms that you can adjust to suit your finances. The Tradition Company is another option for those looking to shop for less. The Tradition Company provides a wide array of goods and services that we all need to create great memories, save time, and spend precious moments with your loved ones. They offer home services, car wash, christmas and holiday related goods and services, firewood and gardening services at highly competitive prices.