Looking for a job can be difficult, and the process can take a toll on your self-esteem. The stress of unemployment can take a serious toll on your well-being under any circumstance, but during a global pandemic, the whole situation gets even scarier. The important thing to remember is that we have the power over our actions, and just like that, we can change the way we feel to make the most of any experience, even while being unemployed.

  1. Bouncing Back Into The Workforce After Unemployment

You need to view these circumstances as a positive opportunity to discover new worlds, meet new people and turn your life around.

Stay confident

Being laid off doesn’t mean that you don’t have any accomplishments or that you were a bad worker. Make a list of things you are most proud of to look at whenever your self-esteem needs a boost.

Allow yourself time to heal

Although you want to avoid getting emotionally stuck, you need to go through the hard stuff so you can move on.

Stay positive

You need to maintain a positive attitude because that is the only difference between a bad and a good day. You need to approach this chapter as the opportunity for a new start. Appreciate that you now have the time to do something you always wanted to do but never had the time- who knows, your passion could lead you to your new job!

2. Tips On Getting The Job

For your next interview, you need to prepare to do your absolute best.

Do your homework

Research the company because 47 percent of hiring managers have eliminated candidates after an interview because they had little to no knowledge of the company. That means going beyond the website, reading the blog and looking at their social media profiles and articles that mention the company to make a mental note of what differentiates it from others. If possible, find out who is interviewing you and research them too.

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Make a nice personal story and think of creative questions

If you want your interviewer to be interesting, you need to return the favor for the exchange to be fruitful for both sides. Focus on portraying how the experience you bring to the table will benefit the company.

Don’t underestimate the power of non-verbal communication

Within reason, utilizing a healthy amount of hand gestures to illustrate what you are saying will significantly help reinforce your communication skills. Also take care of your posture as slouching does not make you look confident. Make and maintain eye contact.

3. In-between Jobs Savings Tricks and tips

Until you get a new job, you need to adjust your lifestyle and this often involves making a few cuts. 

Practice energy efficiency and energy conservation

Small steps can quickly add up and result in lower Energize CT expenses. Turn off lights when you leave the room, replace traditional lightbulbs with LED ones that use much less energy and last longer, run only full dishwasher and washer loads and so on.

Shop around for cheaper prices

Begin with your utility, internet and insurance providers as everything is a negotiation so shop around for multiple quotes to find the best rates. For any purchase, look for coupons or best deals.

Experiment with a plant-based diet

Many people mistakenly believe that vegan diets are expensive, yet plant-based foods are less expensive than meat and fish. Use the Pinterest’s magical sources to plan meals. Make use of leftovers. Don’t be afraid to experiment with meals and try out protein-rich veggies such as cauliflower. You will discover a whole new world and even if you are a big fan of meat, the good news is that any meat-based meal has its vegan version.

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Being laid off can be a traumatic experience. Even when you find a new job, you may find that you are continually worried about losing your new position. Recognize the signs of stress that can manifest as insomnia, difficulty concentrating and persistent fears that you will somehow ruin your current opportunity and seek help. You need to let yourself get excited about new opportunities ahead and let life surprise you because at the end of the day, life always has our back, in one way or another.