Sticking to a budget can be a total drag, particularly when it can put a dampener on your spending habits (particularly when it comes to designer wares). Although you might think that being on a budget means you can’t strut your stuff and look great when you’re heading out, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In this article, we provide some great tips to help you look fantastic while ensuring you don’t have to spend big to do so.

Fashion hacks to keep you looking fresh

If you’re swimming in bad credit loans in Melbourne and are trying to stay inside for as long as possible while you work out your budget, there’s no need to! This can be a bit of a tough place to start, but if you’re still wanting to buy the odd piece while you’re on a budget, you’re going to need to exercise patience. This means that if you see a piece that you fall in love with straight away, you’ll need to at least wait a day before you commit. This way you can really gauge the need before you spend money you don’t have. Another way to complement this is by introducing a one in and one out exchange – if you want to buy a piece, you should learn to give up something you have. If you don’t want to give up something you have, then you don’t need the new piece! This approach can also help you consider clothes that you’d long forgotten about, as some people who bury clothes too deep find out the hard way that they end up buying the same piece again. Finding new combinations using old clothes is also a great way to get even more mileage out of what you already own.

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Beauty hacks to save you money

There’s no doubt that there’s a massive market for teeth whitening products, but you’ll often find that these products contain many ingredients that you have lying around the house. One of the most popular ingredients is baking soda – applying this every now and then can have an excellent whitening effect, but due to the way it works, it can damage your teeth if you apply it too regularly. There are also some homemade acne treatments that can very easily replicate some of the expensive big name brands. This is because they often use salicylic acid, a compound that is readily found in both aspirin and strawberries. If you’re looking to create a create acne fighting formula that costs peanuts, simply combine uncoated aspirin with lemon juice and applying it to your face. Still looking to save a bit more? If you’re in desperate need of a haircut but can’t spruik for your usual expensive cut, you might want to consider checking out the closest hairdressing school. Although it can admittedly be a gamble, it’s a very small cost at the end of the day and there’s every chance that you can also score the perfect haircut!

It’s extremely possible to look good while saving!

It’s important to remember that looking great isn’t just about wearing a piece of designer clothing. But firstly, it’s a knowledge of how to deal with the money.