With social media ensuring that we’re constantly taking photos of ourselves, and celebrities of every age looking incredible, it can be tempting to assume you need to spend huge amounts of money to look great. This is not the case though, and you really can look great on a budget.

Here are some top tips to look both sexy and sleek without going bankrupt:


Sort your hair

Many people think they need to continually be getting blowouts to look great, but this is just not the case. If you want to pump up the volume of your hair, consider switching to mousse, which costs the same amount as most styling products, however it adds thickness and will lift your hair at the roots- especially if you dry your hair upside down.

Break out the round brush to build volume, and keep your nozzle pointed down to make hair shiny- you’ll soon become an expert and those expensive trips to the hairdresser will just be in the past.

Focus on your skin

If your skin is red and irritated, grab a washcloth, soak it in milk and place it over your face for 10-15 minutes. Milk has vitamin A, amino acids, fat and proteins which is great for exfoliating and soothing your skin.

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Brighten those teeth

If you know you need to brighten up your smile, don’t spend a bunch of money getting your teeth whitened or buying expensive toothpaste, instead, mix together your own whitener by brushing your teeth wth a paste of water and baking soda a few times each month which will remove the superficial staining on your teeth and even whiten them a few shades.

If you’re drinking red wine, eat a few crunchy, raw vegetables at the same time as they’ll give your teeth a “mini-brush”, ensuring that stains don’t stick around. And when it comes to choosing your lipstick, choose colours that have blue undertones as they make your teeth look brighter.


You don’t need to invest in an expensive concealer, but you do need to know how to use it. Use an eye cream first, as concealer can sometimes settle into those fine lines, especially if your complexion is a bit drier. Then, be generous with your application and apply the concealer from your inner corner, all the way around to the outer corner. If you’re going to be contouring, bring these two points down a little, making a small triangle under your eyes. Next, set your concealer with a face powder that matches your foundation.