What is the monthly value of my savings? The answer is simple, the value of your savings should be the remainder after subtracting your expenses from your income. It differs depending on living standards. You have all the rights during calculation. Although I would advise that you adopt certain behaviors. Its value also depends on the amount you hope to reap and the time you set aside to start saving. Do your best.

Relative to your ability, you are advised to save around:

5% for a salary of less than $1000

15% for salaries between $1000 and $2000

20% from there to $3000

30% and more from there


A margin has been included in these percentages to minimize the risk. It is better to save little per month but continuously rather than saving a lot, but intermittently. According to the goal you set for yourself, here are some numbers that you may need to reference:

To earn $2500 per month from one’s pension would require at that time a capital of $65,000. You must in this case, and for an annual return of 5% set aside $800 per month for 30 years from 35 years.

Those for whom $1,500 a month is enough need $250,000 of savings in 65 years. You’d have to put about $250 per month from your 35th birthday until you retire on the same performance.

You will be assured of earning at least the same amount for 15 years. The amount of your capital ranking is another important factor. In both previous cases, the estimate is $6000. The more you decide to postpone the start of your savings plan, the higher the monthly savings value required skyrockets. It’s a big risk to start saving above 55 years. Why not start young, when you still have all your strength and abilities.

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You can rely on this new calculation to measure your efforts. With a monthly income of $2000, $100 investment represents 5% of effort, which amounts to 10% with a saving of $200. You decide your ability and especially your will. You will observe much from these figures the great effort you have to provide if you aspire to the comfort of your old age. You can always make the choice to be ambitious but not beyond reality.


Do not be an over-achiever

Those who earn the minimum wage or an average income cannot benefit from these calculations, it would be impossible. They must stay within their means. However, if you are favored by your income, you will be able to save more. Do not be afraid to save a staggering amount if your condition so permits.

But in any case, if you know very well how much to save each month, you would keep pace, otherwise you risk being destabilized. A small change that occurs even just once is enough to unbalance all your accounts.

Also, if you get a small increase in your income or save considerably from promotional codes, continue to maintain the same budget. You do not have to spend more if the old budget has always agreed with you. It will be profitable to use this additional money to boost your savings. Aside from your salary, act the same way with any other debit in your account.