When it comes to getting a family car, there can be so many factors you need to consider. Choosing the car that’s right for the full family is really important as it’s not just the driver you need to keep happy! If you’re in the process of buying your next family car, there are a few factors you could consider before you start shopping around. Used family cars are a great way to keep the costs low, avoid the majority of depreciation costs and have more availability. The guide below has been designed to help you choose the family car that’s right for you and without costing you a fortune.

What to look for in a used family car:

1. Budget

When it comes to getting a new or used car, the first thing you should consider is your budget. How much can you afford to pay for a car or put forward each month for a car finance deal is really important. Paying for your next family car with cash can be the most straightforward. However, many drivers don’t have this kind of money to hand or don’t want to empty their savings. You could consider using some of the money as a car finance deposit or use your monthly income to get a car on finance. It’s worth remembering that car finance is subject to status and is never guaranteed. You could check your chances of approval with a car finance broker to help compare the likelihood of getting accepted. 

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2. Safety

When it comes to family cars, safety is key. You want to make sure your car is going to keep the full family safe. Every car is given a Euro NCAP rating out of 5 which indicates how safe a vehicle is through a number of tests and features available. Parents can also look at the child occupant protection scores which focuses on the safety of restraints and how accommodating the vehicle is for child car seats. When buying a second-hand car, you should also check the cars history and information to get some background information on the car you are wanting to buy. 

3. Reliability

When buying a used car, it can be hard to know how reliable your vehicle will be. No one wants to be worried about whether their car is going to break down on the way to the weekly shop or on a family roadtrip. Newer cars tend to be more reliable than second-hand cars but some of the best family cars are also cars that have been round the block. Certain cars have a reputation for being more reliable than others or you could check out cars with long warranties that transfers with ownerships. 

4. Space 

There are a number of ways in which space can affect your buying journey. It could determine which size vehicle you need in terms of seating. For example, larger families may need a 7-seater vehicle. If you’re used to carrying heavy loas or have a furry friend to accommodate for, cars with a big boot space could be more important to you. When it comes to getting a second-hand car, functionality is really important because if it’s not going to fit your needs, it’s not the right car for you. Economy

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In the UK, the cost of fuel has been at an all-time high in 2022. Many drivers are now looking for fuel efficient cars more than ever. Fuel efficient cars are ones that provide a higher miles per gallon when compared to other cars covering the same distance. The last thing that any family wants is a car which uses fuel at a high rate and costs more to fill up. It’s worth doing your research around different cars and their fuel efficiency before you head to the dealer to help save your family money

5. Smart features

Many new and used cars now come with ‘family friendly’ features that can benefit your life on the road. If technology is your thing, you may be interested in features that can make your journey a little easier. Satnav and phone connectivity can help prevent you getting lost or entertain you on long journeys. You could also consider USB ports in the back to keep everyone’s phones charged up for on-the-go movies or videos.  If your budget can stretch to it, you could also consider a used car with built in rear seat displays to keep the kids entertained.