Buying shoes used to mean a trip to the mall, trying to find a park, dodging the crowds and then trying on a few different pairs, walking around getting distracted by plenty of things in the mall and then dealing with traffic as you go home.

Now the internet has completely changed the way we buy shoes, and we can do all of our shoe shopping while we’re sitting on the couch, in line for coffee, or hanging out in bed while the kids are asleep. You can find from cheap regular shoes to the best shoes when you have heel pain.

Here are some tips for buying cheap shoes online:


Take your measurements

Shoe sizes vary in both size and fit depending on the style and country they’re from, so take your measurements and check the handy measurement chart online. This is the best way to ensure you can snap up those great shoes on sale, such as Rieker Boots or the heels you’ve had your eye on for months. You also won’t need to worry about potentially needing to return them later on if they don’t fit.

Buy in the off-season

This is one of the best things you can do to ensure you’re getting a great deal on shoes. If you’re looking for pretty little sandals or canvas sneakers in winter, or a pair of good boots for when it turns chilly, you can save hundreds of dollars simply by checking for discounts and spending some time looking at sales on different websites.

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Sign up for newsletters

If you sign up for newsletters for the most popular shoe websites, you’ll get a notification in your email whenever they’re having a big sale. Just don’t forget to confirm your subscription after entering your email address. If you don’t want to get overwhelmed with emails, consider making a new email address purely for these types of emails which you can then check periodically.

Explore social media

Often brands and websites will announce sales and discounts on social media, giving even better deals on shoes to their loyal followers. Jump on Twitter and follow your favourites, and like their pages on Facebook for good measure (don’t forget to turn notifications on). This will ensure that you’re learning about any potential deals and sales before everyone else, and you’ll be able to scoop them up before they’re sold out.


Buy the classics

A good way to save money on shoes is to purchase classic styles which won’t go out of date. Think a pair of elegant black boots of heels which you can mix and match for years, or some comfy but classic flats which can go anywhere. This means you can justify spending a little more, and maybe even check out some discounted designers as you’ll be using the shoes for years.

Stick to the list

If you see some amazing shoes in a magazine or on a friend, write down what they looked like or who the designer was so you can search for them next time you’re online. If you stick to a list of shoes you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find them for a cheap price, without going crazy and buying shoes you won’t wear often.

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