Mold Testing – Is It Worth Your Money?

Many homeowners are offered to have their homes undergo mold testing where the inspector tests the air to detect what kind of mold exist and if the mold has the capacity to grow in the tested area. But some may wonder, is mold testing worthwhile? Is it really worth your money? In this article, we can discuss matters like these and answer the questions so we encourage you to keep on reading.

First of all, take note of the fact that molds are almost everywhere and many molds are beneficial and are a part of the natural environment. Therefore, not all molds are bad. In fact, mold is used in making blue cheese and penicillin. However, regular exposure to mold can result in negative effects on one’s health. Also, if mold is growing in your home or place of business it needs to be addressed because it is capable of deteriorating your building.

Is Mold Testing Necessary?

Now that we already know a thing or two about these molds, we can say that molds are only bad once they became visible and you start to smell them. Therefore, it is safe to say that calling a professional to do mold testing is just a waste of money when the mold’s existence is already obvious. 

But does knowing the kind of mold present in your home important to determine the proper way of removing it? The answer is NO! Whatever mold is currently inside or outside your home regardless of its color or species, the same Mold Remediation Principles are followed to remove it, according to Environmental Protection Agency. Remember, once you see and smell mold, you can already skip mold testing and save a lot from this expensive process.

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Why Pay Attention To Visible Molds?

Though not all molds are bad, it is still a threat to your health when you are constantly exposed to it. Molds can trigger allergies and asthma. Mold exposure can irritate your eyes, skin, nose, throat, and lungs. Aside from health risks, molds can make your home look unpleasant and smelly. To keep you and your family safe, you better spend your money well with mold removal.

When Should You Consider Mold Testing?

1. You should also be concerned when you smell mold but you do not see it. Keep in mind that mold lives in places where there is warmth and moisture. Mold can accumulate in the interior of the damp drywall. Through mold testing, the inspector can reveal if there is a mold buildup or where the molds are located.

2. If your house is for sale or for rent, a mold test is a vital step to inform potential buyers and renters that your house has a good air quality. This can give your house a big chance of getting sold.

3. Another reason for mold testing is when you experienced mold from the past. By having this test, you are making sure that the previous mold issues have been resolved and have none come back.

4. Another reason is to pinpoint if your health problems such as allergies are due to unseen mold in your home.


Bear in mind that obvious mold does not have to be tested instead, it is time to reach for mold remediation immediately. There cases that this test is necessary. You should decide on how you will spend your money wisely.

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