For independent real estate brokers and the agents who work with them, there’s no underestimating the importance of marketing. When you’re trying to make sure people know your name and think of you for the right kinds of properties, you have to be able to stand out from the pack, and in this industry that’s a tough job. Not only is the field highly competitive, it’s also growing by the day, so your competition can be fierce in busier markets. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to stand out and make sure customers remember you, and they all come down to branding. If you want to be recognized, you have to be recognizable. Here’s how you do that with basic tools like an email list, social media presence, and print advertising.

Find a Consistent Look and Feel

If you’re not working with an established real estate brand, you need to create your own. Major firms with affiliated offices in cities across the country do this work for their agents, but independent brokers and agents have to devise their own. This is an opportunity, because you can use your unique design to stand out from those offices and show a more personal side to your business. The key is to find something that looks great on social media, on your web site, and in print. That way, your presence feels consistent wherever prospective customers encounter you. The right real estate marketing templates will provide you with a basic set of look and feel options that you can build from when generating new marketing materials, too, making it easier to produce new ads and outreach assets.

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Build an Outreach Engine

The key to keeping your customers is keeping them in the loop. Most of the time, they want regular contact, but they don’t want to be inundated with small updates. A few quick backstage tweaks can help you create a contact funnel for those with questions, so you can get back to them easily and give them the personal attention they need to get answers. At the same time, you want to capture the contact info of customers who might need more time before they’re ready to actively buy and sell. That’s where the right real estate social media templates and a good mailing list client can help. Send regular updates about listings, wish clients well around holidays, and keep in touch with a light touch, all while promoting your business with branded messaging.

Tie in Print Media

Whether you’re talking billboards, real estate brochure design, or newspaper ads, you need an offline vector for your marketing that is branded to the online look and feel you’ve built. Some clients are going to find you first that way, and clients that find you online will often need print materials as they work toward a sale or a purchase. Make sure you’re being consistent across media, and keep your funnel in mind when directing prospective clients to contact information. The right offline tools can feed your online client base and email list.

Apart from finding your visual branding, the biggest key to your success is diversity in your attempts to reach customers. Professional firms like Venterra Real Estate invest in marketing across media and you should make sure it always sends people to core resources like your app, mailing list, or website so they get into the loop with your announcements, and they’ll remember you when they see that house they like. That’s how you build your business.

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