A new floor always means more money you’ve got to find, and it can be hard and a burden to stick to a budget. In this post, we aim to show you some ways you can be thrifty with your money when it comes to purchasing a new floor.

Choose a Floor That’s Suitable for Your Place

This means you need to consider the needs of your home and what to prioritise. For instance, if you have under-floor heating installed then there’s no point in going for materials like real wood as it’s not compatible with it. This is due to the fact that solid wood is no good when it comes into contact with temperature changes as it can warp and swell. Also, think about how much foot traffic your house endures and go for a flooring that has a high durability rating such as solid wood or luxury vinyl tiles.

Go For DIY

It’s well known that doing it yourself is the best way to save money and your flooring is no exception! Unless your floor is very hard to install, why not have a go at doing it yourself? Some floorings come with installation methods encouraging you to do it yourself – if not, you can google methods. Floors such as engineered wood and laminate can be placed down as floating floors, which means you can lay them without any additional joining methods. Try sanding your wood floors down if they scratch or stain instead of replacing the entire floor, or if it’s just one plank replacing that.

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Keeping our home warm in the bitter winter months is always a worry and heating bills take a big chunk of our money. So, to save yourself on too many heavy bills and go for a flooring with good insulating properties, it will really help with those expenses. Solid and engineered wood are renowned for this, as they circulate heat which then stays around longer. Thanks to this, you’ll need less heat to heat your home and therefore spending less on energy bills. Of course, the thicker the better!

Always Do Your Research Instead of Going Full Steam Ahead

Like any expensive purchase, it’s always recommended that you do extensive research, so you get the most suitable product for the best price. It might be that you end up paying for a more bespoke floor when there’s an alternative that will have served you just as well for less. Treat it like buying a car or a house – look at all the variables and weigh them up against each other so you’re getting the best deal.