Video is now dominating all types of online marketing. A good marketing video has no alternatives in this era of technology. Most people agree that if a piece of information is available to them in both text and video, they would prefer video more than text. A study showed that when a marketing email included a video, click through raised by 200-300%. According to Forbes, an average user spends 88% more time on a website with video. In short, your marketing strategy would be invalid without proper video content. Like other businesses, a quality corporate video has become a vital element of the marketing of banking and financial companies. But how do you make such a video that attracts customers and makes them come again? Here are some ideas for creating great corporate videos.

Make the first seconds count

Average internet user has a short span of attention. If the video is plain and straightforward, the viewer will click away from the video within 10 seconds. So, about one-fifth of the target audience will not watch the whole video if it isn’t clear to them what they will gain by watching the video from the very start. It can be entertaining, asking them an enticing question, stating an arresting fact, or displaying the central point at the starting time of the video will add more value to the corporate video. To hook the audience from the beginning, every step related to the video should be taken. 

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Work with professionals 

People have gained insight into what’s new, and they can quickly sketch the difference between different videos with the same content. The emergence of social media and online entertainment has prompted the competition to deliver a captivative video for the target audience. Necessary video making skills won’t cut the bill anymore. To match with the current online industry, it is needed expert’s help.

From shooting to posting the video, there are many stages. All stages may not require professional help if you have some prior knowledge of video editing. But corporate video is significantly different from other marketing videos. So it would be much better if you seek professional help for corporate video editing. If you have necessary shooting skills and determine what you want to deliver to the audience by the video, professional video editors can level up your videos.

Professional help can also be taken from shooting to editing if it suits the budget. This investment will be worth it.

Catch up with the current trend

There’s no alternative to going with the flow in terms of marketing. Current audiences won’t receive the outdated methods of marketing.

For example, a website with a video reaches more people than a site with just writing content. With the growing trends of Instagram, Facebook, and youtube, people’s tastes and preferences are also changing.

People mainly use Instagram for socializing and entertainment. But banks and financial companies have a business in it too. Recently, Instagram has reached 600 million users. Corporate companies can’t just ignore this massive amount of audience. They have to come with new ways to advertise their company’s service and values so that the Instagram users receive them.

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Also, a new trend arrives now and then. Tiktok has become a significant platform for entertainment video with a broad audience. Financial companies will have to make corporate video targeting this platform too.

A study by Bloomberg shows that recently, 80% of the videos are watched without sound on Facebook. So if a corporate video targets Facebook users but does not contain subtitles, it won’t be received by 80% users. Keeping in mind the recent trend, adding subtitles to the video has become crucial for corporate advertisement.

If the video isn’t made with the recent interest and trends, it would be like talking with an old and challenging accent with the customers. 

Not being too salesy

People will not be interested in your corporate video if it is all about data, service information. People want to hear a story of your bank or financial institution. Research says about 80% of people prefer that brands tell stories as part of their marketing. Telling a story about banks’ interaction with their customers or showing how the bank helped to change their lives is the best way of corporate marketing. It is useful in many ways.

Firstly, it connects with viewers emotionally. They feel more interaction with the company if an average person’s story is told in the corporate video. Secondly, they feel more trusted. If the customer feels secure with the company, then their marketing strategy would work 100%. Finally, it wouldn’t just tell a story; it would also be sharing banks or financial companies’ values with their customers. It helps them showcase a company’s values and assists customers with the information provided alongside the story.

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People feel essential and engaged if banks personalize their videos. One of the most effective and easy ways to personalize video is by attaching it with emails. A study shows that emails that contain videos have a 60% higher response rate. If Banks or financial institution wants to promote their services to the individual customers, sending corporate videos to their email is the most convenient way.

Banks can also promote their customers’ loyalty by sending them ‘Thank you’ videos individually. This ‘Thank you video’ brings a sense of pleasure and gratitude towards them, and the customers feel more motivated about doing business with that bank.

Corporate videos have already taken over the marketing world of banks and financial institutions. So making a great video to reach the maximum audience and deliver them the exact information is crucial in today’s corporate world.