Most people don’t use or need checks for buying groceries or paying utility bills. However, checks are still an integral payment mode used by most businesses. Modern businesses use high security checks to protect themselves from fraud and reduce cash transactions. Checks also help businesses to monitor their expenses better. For a lot of firms running out checks can be disastrous and can halt their daily operations. This is why most businesses use a reliable overnight check service to replenish their stock every month. In this post, we reveal the advantages of using security business checks and computer checks for day-to-day business operations.

Business Checks

There are a few different types of business checks. It’s an umbrella term used to describe all types of checks used for business purposes. Manual business checks or computer business checks can be used to pay vendors or suppliers for services and goods received.

Payroll check, on the other hand, is another type of a business check. This check empowers payroll service providers to issue checks that are linked to a secondary checking account dedicated to employee salaries.


Computer Checks

At the risk of gross oversimplification, a computer check is a type of check that can be printed. To be able to print these checks, businesses need an accounting software package such as Quickbooks and a compatible printer. The accounting software maintains a database of all the check issued and stores recipient details.

One of the most important things a computer check does is speed up the check writing process. With computer checks, you don’t have to worry about handwriting individual checks. Instead, you can print checks in bulk and save both effort and time. Computer checks have thus become essential for businesses that periodically need to send out multiple checks.

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Computerized business checks also get your business noticed. These printed checks look more professional than handwritten manual checks. When receiving these printed checks, employees and vendors are automatically impressed and they are thus motivated to work harder.

Advantages of Business Checks (Security Features & More)

There are more than a few fraud-protection features on business checks. These include watermarks, heat sensitive ink, fluorescent fibers, and holograms. These features protect businesses from different types of check fraud such as check copying, check washing, and check forgery. To ensure business checks are not easily duplicated, security business checks include prismatic backgrounds, high-resolution intricate borders, and are made from chemical-reactive paper. Additional security features may also be present on the check’s reverse side. These include special void indication feature, security weave, and fugitive ink.

Other Business Check Features

  • Larger Blank Area for Entering Payee Detail
  • Larger Memo Line
  • Specially Designed to Fit Standard Double Window Envelopes
  • Signature Area with Two Lines
  • Additional Room for Business Information

Checks are an important payment tool that’s required for daily business operations. As fraudsters and scam artists become more proficient at check fraud, it’s important to use checks that come with a long list of ironclad security features.

If you are still using standard personal checks for your business then it’s high time you switched to security business checks. This will not only give your checks a professional look but also protect you from fraudsters.