The benefits of making a website more user-friendly are numerous, with the potential for more excellent conversion rates, lower bounce rates, and increased retention. This article showcases some cost-effective ways to make your website more user-friendly.

1. Add a Value-Driven Call to Action

A value-driven call to action is the goal of every landing page. It’s how you expect your visitors to respond. This can be a sale, newsletter signup, or another call to action. Before you create your CTA, ensure that it fits within the context of your page, and then optimize it for user behavior.

Giveaways and discounts are proven ways to get users to part with their hard-earned cash, but they only work if they aren’t buried at the bottom of a page. Instead, entice visitors immediately by placing them in a prominent location near the top of your site.

2. Add Value to Your Content With Photos

People remember things they see and do. And one of the best ways you can add value to your content is with photos.

For example, you might use a photo to show how easy it is to upload files or videos in WordPress. Place a photo at the top of your posts, especially in blog posts of greater interest or importance to your targeted audience. Studies indicate that readers tend to scan more pages when the number of photos on a page exceeds 10 per 381-word post. There are digital organizations that make it easy for organizations and agencies to digitize information that transforms how they do business.

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3. Have Forms Available Online

Customers are more likely to complete an online form than a phone call, as they won’t feel pressured and can take their time completing the form.

To get more leads, you must have your contact forms available on every single page of your website. In addition to this, having a contact us page allows visitors to seek out more information about your business, with their name and email address already filled in.

4. Use Visual Hierarchy

We have taught you to use visual hierarchy in the past, and it is still one of the best ways to make your website more user-friendly and user-intuitive.

The visual hierarchy will ensure that your visitors can navigate easily, keeping them on the page for a more extended period and improving your overall conversion rates. You can learn more about using visual hierarchy when designing a website by reading our blog post, “How to Use Visual Hierarchy To Improve Your Conversion Rates.”

5. Use WordPress Migration Tool

To make a website more user-friendly, you should use a migration tool for WordPress.

A migration tool will help you migrate over all your content, including images and content from your website. This way, you can start from scratch and build out your content similarly without worrying about losing any of your precious words and images from before.

In conclusion, these are some of the top ways to make a website more user-friendly to improve conversion rates and ultimately retain customers.