Too many senior citizens live alone without the tech and other items they need to make it by safely. While moving in with a loved one is one possibility to combat this problem, simply setting up your aging family member with what they need should be the first solution. Easy-to-use smartphones, medication boxes, and other options are all available to make it so a senior can reside alone without worry.

Easy-to-Use Smartphones

Technology is needed in households with aging family members, but many older adults struggle to use the technology available. They didn’t grow up with these devices and have a hard time figuring out how to work them correctly. Jitterbug smart phones meant for seniors offer an easy-to-use option that anyone can handle. They come in an older flip-phone style with large buttons that are easy to read. Seniors can even answer a call with the simple “yes” and “no” buttons.

Personal Emergency Response Systems

Numerous emergency response systems have been set up for personal use. A pendant is one option, allowing seniors to simply push a button on the pendant if they fall and need to call for help. Dispatch will either notify the caregiver on file or send out an emergency response team to address the situation. This technology comes in handy for older adults who struggle with mobility.

Medication Boxes

Many older adults have to take regular medications throughout the week. A medication or pill box helps to keep them all organized so seniors know which pills to take on which day. The larger boxes offering daily spots with both a.m and p.m options are best for those who take numerous medicines. Fill them out appropriately for your loved one so he or she is all set to go for the entire week. You may even be able to find a monthly box that makes it easier to stay organized for longer periods.

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Grab Bars

Look at most hospital restrooms and you will find grab bars set up that help people get up and down when they’re struggling. These bars often get placed inside showers and next to toilets so the sick or elderly can continue daily tasks on their own. A person who has limited mobility may find it difficult to even get out of the shower. Having a grab bar nearby ensures he or she can lift themselves up and get out when the time comes. Any household with an aging family member should also incorporate these safety features into their bathrooms.


If aging family members are still struggling on their own even with this tech and other items, it may be best to move them in with you. Having a loved one available to care for them makes many seniors better able to handle the daily stresses of life. Too many feel lonely in a house by themselves and need the companionship a regular caregiver can offer. Hire movers to get the most needed belongings moved to make your family member comfortable in their new home.

Even if you choose to have your aging family member move in, it is still important to make sure they have the necessary tech and other items to remain safe. You may not always be home if you have to work or simply head to the store for a few groceries. With an easy-to-use smartphone, medication boxes to help remind them which pills to take, and grab bars set up throughout the house, seniors can be as safe as possible in any home they’re in. 

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