A VPN can increase your privacy and security, but did you know it can also save you money? Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you paid a much higher price for the same item from the same retailer compared to your friend, family, or neighbor? You might think it’s just a matter of timing, but in reality, it could be related to where you make your purchase. Specifically, it’s about the location of your device’s unique IP address. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) track and share this information with retailers and other data collectors. They know where you are and what you’re shopping for from specific retailers. Retailers can even use this data to charge you more if your IP address is in a higher socioeconomic area.

In addition to safety, using a VPN can provide several ways to save money while shopping. So use a VPN for financial security, but don’t forget that its role goes far beyond security alone.

How Is VPN Useful for Smart Money Management?

#1 Avoid Price Discrimination

Online prices may differ depending on the region. The same e-commerce site might offer lower-priced products in some countries compared to others. To unlock the best prices, you can utilize a VPN to change your IP address and access discounted rates worldwide.

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A VPN allows you to enjoy various money-saving opportunities, from acquiring cheaper movies and games to purchasing more affordable plane tickets. It opens up a world of savings and fantastic deals.

#2 Secure Crypto Transactions

When you are introduced to cryptocurrency, you think of secure online transactions, but this is not always the case. To make safe online payments, all you need is the recipient’s wallet and access to tools to confirm the transfer. However, cryptocurrency is not forgiving due to its anonymous nature. A smart and justifiable solution is to use a VPN for digital currency trading whenever you connect to an exchange or perform transactions from your wallet. This way you will prevent data theft during transmission because the VPN reliably encrypts the traffic.

#3 It Offers Extra Protection While You Use Public Wi-Fi

The next time you enjoy the complimentary WiFi bundled with your latte, it’s important to keep in mind that these types of internet connections are attractive playgrounds for hackers to exploit. Stealing information becomes even simpler when the network doesn’t require a password. If you access your bank account while connected to public WiFi, it is highly recommended to invest in a VPN for added protection.

#4 Anonymity and Privacy

VPNs mask your IP address to ensure anonymity and privacy in online banking. This proves especially advantageous when using financial apps like Cash App, as it prevents cybercriminals from tracing transactions back to your device or location. Additionally, it minimizes targeted ads and trackers, maintaining your digital privacy across various platforms beyond financial applications.

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#5 Keep the Price You Found

Our internet usage and connectivity constantly track much of our activities and whereabouts. Personally, I’ve experienced looking up prices of items at my local Target, only to find that the price either increased or significantly dropped when I arrived at the store for online pickup. While some retailers offer price matching, it’s not always reliable, as the cheaper price displayed on your phone or computer may refresh to show a higher price based on your location.

By using a VPN to select the IP address on your cell phone, you can prevent the price from fluctuating based on your location. This way, you’ll likely see the pricing corresponding to the IP address you’ve chosen. Another helpful tip is to capture a screenshot of the price on your phone or computer, ensuring that it’s readily accessible to show to the clerk or guest services representative in case price matching is an option.

#6 Get Access to Blocked e-Commerce Sites

When traveling and unable to access your usual online shopping site, you can utilize a VPN service provider to change your IP address and order items from blocked sites. Similarly, if you reside in an area where your preferred sites are restricted, you can still browse and make purchases by changing your IP address to a location where they’re accessible.

#7 Don’t Haggle on Hotel Rooms

VPNs can also assist in saving expenses when booking hotel rooms. Hotel booking sites often utilize IP addresses to determine pricing, making it challenging to find the best deals. By employing a VPN service provider, you can select an IP address in proximity to your desired location, fooling the algorithms and potentially securing lower prices. Opting for a closer IP address can bypass the perception of being a tourist and increase your chances of accessing local rates. Additionally, booking in advance, typically around 3-4 weeks, can further enhance your savings.

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Money management tips are often associated with bypassing some rules that are aimed at increasing the company’s earnings or billing for services based on some client parameters. Dynamic pricing relies on the information ISPs and advertisers gather from your online activities. However, using a VPN can disrupt their efforts by altering your IP address. This not only guarantees your privacy but can also lead to significant savings and ensure you receive a fair price. In general, cybersecurity for finances is largely tied to the use of VPN.