Traveling with dogs can be an amazing experience and it can definitely go very well if you plan everything ahead of time. However, there are certain things you will have to consider before packing your bags and your pup’s leash and embarking on a journey by air. The costs of traveling with dogs are among the most important such aspects – so, if you want to learn more about this, read on and find out about the top hidden costs of traveling with dogs.

The dog crate

If your puppy is not crate trained yet, you will need to take care of this for him. The anxiousness of the flight itself will be more than enough for your little furry friend – the last thing you want is for him to feel uncomfortable in his crate as well.

Luckily, you now have access to some of the best dog crates ever – so you can definitely find something that suits your pet’s size and his needs as well. With some training before the trip, your pup should feel OK in his crate.


The comfort toys

If you want to make your dog feel comfortable and safe throughout the trip, you might have to invest in some toys and accessories that help with this. If your pup already has his favorite crate toys, you will not have to buy new ones. But if you are just starting to crate train him, you might have to invest a little in this as well (if, again, he doesn’t have any toys that make him feel better in the crate).

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The pet fee

Most airline companies charge a separate fee for those who are traveling with dogs – so be sure to take this into consideration if you want to bring your pup with you on your next adventure. The prices are very varied when it comes to this, so we advise you to check out each airline company and see exactly how much they charge for pet tickets.

Furthermore, remember that some airline companies have two options when it comes to traveling with dogs – some will only have cabin space for pets, while others might offer you a “checked fee” too.


The extra leg space

If you are sharing your leg space with your puppy, you might want to purchase some extra leg space, so that you are both comfortable throughout the entire flight. Again, the prices for this will vary a lot according to airline company, so it’s recommended that you check them all out before booking your flight.

The pet sitter

Have you decided to leave your puppy at home? Or maybe to hire a pet sitter for a special night out while you are away? If you have a tighter budget, you should definitely take this into account as well. It may not be a lot, but a clear budget plan should absolutely include all of the costs involved in traveling with dogs – so be very detailed about this!